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Posted by Alvin Smith on July 27th, 2022

Technological advancements have resulted in the emergence of different treatments for cancer. However, chemotherapy is almost unavoidable in treating the cancer-affected parts of your body. The best chemotherapy doctor in Mumbai can prescribe the most effective medicines to cure cancer. But, what is the role of this therapy in your cancer treatment?

Chemotherapy- How does it work?

This treatment targets cells, which grow fast and get divided. While surgery and radiation treatments target particular parts, chemo shows its effect throughout the body. However, it may also affect other healthy cells in your hair, skin, and intestine. That is why you have side effects of the therapy.

Chemo will help you in different ways based on the type of cancer-

Control- The treatment can prevent cancer cells from reaching different body parts and slowing the growth of cancerous cells.

Cure- In several cases, the therapy is effective in killing cancer cells. Thus, the treatment will continue until the cancer cells are not detectable. The best thing is that there is no risk of re-growth of the cells.

Alleviate symptoms- Chemotherapy may not always control and cure cancer. But, it is used for shrinking the tumors, which cause pain. Tumors may grow back in the future.

The best doctor for chemotherapy in Mumbai combines other treatments like radiation.

How long do you need chemotherapy?

  • The type of your cancer 

  • The chemotherapy type

  • Malignant versus benign 

  • The goal of the therapy that is already discussed

  • How your body reacts to the therapy 

The best chemotherapy in Mumbai is provided in cycles. Thus, after having therapy for a period, you will have a period of rest. For instance, after a 1-week treatment, you will take a rest for 3 weeks. During these weeks, your body will grow healthy cells. You must maintain the regularity of this cycle. 

How does your doctor provide chemotherapy?

There are different modes of providing chemotherapy-

  • Oral- Intake of liquid or pills containing drugs gives you the desired result.

  • Topical- The drugs are incorporated into a cream that you need to apply onto your skin.

  • Intravenous- The therapy directly targets your vein to treat you with drugs.

  • Intrathecal- In case of IT chemotherapy, medications are into your cerebrospinal fluid present in your brain and spinal cord.

  • Intraperitoneal- IP drugs reach your peritoneal cavity that encompasses different organs like the intestines, liver, ovaries, and stomach. The process is accomplished through surgery.

  • Injection- The doctor will inject the drug into the muscle of your arm, thigh, stomach, leg, or hip.

  • Intra-arterial- Drugs directly reach the artery feeding your cancerous cells. A thin tube is used for the process.


So, you have now understood how chemotherapy works. You can consult a doctor to learn about the chemotherapy cost in Mumbai.

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