5 things luxury marketing company founder Peter Cheung can?t live without

Posted by sallys on May 26th, 2016

I travel a lot and my favourite hotel is The Grand Hyatt Hong Kong. Since its opening in 1989, it’s been the place to be. Back in those days, JJ’s was the hottest nightclub and was jam-packed every night. For 20 years I’ve attended many of the city’s most glamorous events in the Ballroom – it’s like… you know that Cheers theme song… “A place where everybody knows your name…” and literally they do!

I love Gianni Versace. For me Versace and the ’80s in Hong Kong was something that really influenced me and how they were really the “Golden Years of Hong Kong”. I still have some pieces from the ’80s, many I cannot fit into any more, but can’t part with them as they were so hard to get a hold of back in those days, were so expensive but also the most incredible fabrics/cutting/design and silhouettes. I have kept many of those boldly printed silk shirts since the ’80s and many “Medusa” studded pieces and they just remind me a time of the height of fashion in Hong Kong.

I’m getting into photography and recently bought a fun piece by Andy Warhol from Christie’s of his Polaroid series. It’s a black and white portrait of actress Joan Collins in the ’80s.
I only drink champagne and my favourite place to do this is the rooftop of Sevva. I have my usual table and my friends know where to find me for a drink. I love that view.

{As for jewellery] it’s impossible to name just one piece, so I’ll name two. Since a young age, my mother always took me with her to her jeweller and as I grew up she really instilled in me an appreciation for jewellery. She was my personal jeweller for a long time and one of my favourite pieces is a 6-carat diamond solitaire ring. It’s pretty bold but it just makes me think of my mum and I do wear it to the occasional black-tie event.

On a signed jewellery level, having had the amazing chance to work with the Maison of Van Cleef & Arpels, my favourite piece is my Van Cleef & Arpels Rose de Noel (black mother of pearl and diamond) brooch. Its black and the volume is beautiful but always very elegant and subtle.

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