5 Reasons why pharmaceutical industry is booming

Posted by Ambi garg on July 27th, 2022

If you want to have a successful career in the pharmaceutical business, both the D.Pharm and the B.Pharm are great options to consider. Dev Bhoomi Uttarakhand University can assured you the DBUU features state-of-the-art instruction, well-organized labs, and a strong emphasis on soft skill development. Additionally, it is often good to select universities that provide complete aid with job placement.

At Dev Bhoomi Uttarakhand University we moulded the students to give the skills in development, design, evaluation of formulation technology, synthesis of active pharmaceutical ingredients, creative research, and implementing the necessary quality assurance principles ethically in accordance with regulatory requirements.

School of Pharmacy & Research under DBUU is one of the best pharmacy colleges in Uttarakhand.

The study of pharmaceuticals has existed since the beginning of medicine. The function of a pharmacist is expanding along with the medical industry. Through their competence in dispensing prescribed medication, pharmacists play a significant role in aiding patients in quickly recovering. The pharmaceutical sector has seen significant development in recent decades.

There is always a need for qualified pharmacists. The demand for employable pharmacists has increased due to the expansion of healthcare facilities and improvements in the healthcare sector overall. For the treatment of patients, the hospital and the retail sector of the healthcare industry both require highly qualified pharmacists. While some ambitious professionals might be hesitant to enter this field, a career in pharmaceutical research has a lot of benefits.

 Here are 5 reasons why pharmaceutical industry is booming 

Multiple Career Options

Pharmacists take on a wide range of duties and have various responsibilities. In addition to working as pharmacists in this field, Students may also develop new medications for the industry while working in the medical research sector of the pharmaceutical sector. Another position that pharmacists might work in that uses their skill set is as a research lab assistant.


Flexibility of work 

Young pharmacists can work more shifts to increase their income, and pharmacists who have families can select shifts that will enable them better balance work and family obligations. Pharmacists can choose careers in clinical or research that have set work hours if they desire a more rigid schedule.


It may very well be a career path you can pursue once you have obtained the necessary licences and the appropriate educational background to operate your own drugstore in your neighbourhood. As the healthcare sector continuously need better and more pharmaceuticals on the market, clinical and research roles are in high demand. 

Possibility to Help people

Some individuals even choose to consult a trusted neighbourhood pharmacist instead of visiting a doctor when they have a minor illness. A career in pharmaceutical science might be your calling if you're drawn to a line of work that involves frequent one-on-one contact with people.

To become a successful pharmacist it is highly imperative to attain a degree or a diploma in pharmacy from Dev Bhoomi Uttarakhand University. As DBUU is one of the most trusted universities in Uttarakhand that offers diploma in Pharmacy, Bachelor in Pharmacy and master program in Pharmacy.

The School of Pharmacy & Research under the Dev Bhoomi Uttarakhand University has considered one of the best pharmacy colleges in Uttarakhand it provides the best deals in the Pharmaceuticals industry that have a successful career, provides good infrastructure, and has an amazing faculty to guide you. 

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