Why Choose A Custom-Built Home?

Posted by All Around Moving on July 27th, 2022

A daydream of owning your own home. On the market, new owners have plenty of choice with the various very modern models presented. By building his house, we are free to invest the amount that suits us. Especially since we benefit from an exemption from property tax . In addition to these advantageous plans, having your house built also has other positive points in the long term.

 Advantageous Financing

 Having your house built may seem out of the ordinary, but it is an ideal option for obtaining better financing thanks to aid. It is an advantageous aid granted to first-time buyers in order to finance the project in question. Even with a limited budget, the person can thus make a special loan to complete the financing of the project.

 But before taking out a loan, it is always advisable to define a precise budget beforehand. Indeed, it is from the budget that all the possible decisions will come, even the additional costs. Call on professionals custom home builders Portland Oregon.

 A Durability of the Guarantee

 Having your house built to measure means calling on a custom home builder Portland. It is a very demanding status in terms of technical expertise, thus reassuring the customer on the solidity of the construction and the financing. For a new house, it is thus a solid insurance so that the house is well finished . Especially since the future owner has a free hand on everything related to construction in general.

 Going through a builder thus offers a fixed-time delivery guarantee, after-sales service valid for 10 years after construction, guaranteed completion of the work and a final price upon signing. In short, a custom build is less stressful.

 Have a Single Point of Contact

 With a custom construction, our only main contact remains the builder. He will take care of everything and keep you informed of the progress of the work. Although the builder remains the main interested party in carrying out the work, he works with other experts. In this way, he remains in contact with various specialist players. It will be these actors who will take care of the multiple tasks concerning the construction . They thus keep the builder informed, who remains the decision-maker with the owner. The latter will thus avoid the constraints of multiple interlocutors. This will keep the focus on construction.

 A Concise Work Plan

 Custom construction has the advantage of presenting a precise work plan. Indeed, it is mandatory to present the plans made, the descriptive notes as well as the estimates. This work plan thus offers an overall vision of the project in real time and enables rigorous monitoring.

The other advantage is that the work plan is not random because it will be based mainly on the needs of the client . You are in control of the aesthetics of your home. You have the right to impose your taste and the layout of the house with the expert advice of the builder. If the proposals are not feasible, the manufacturer will offer solutions adapted to what you are looking for and your needs.

 Everything Is Tailor-Made

 With ready-made constructions, you have no choice over the materials and elements used. You are just required to check if the house is to your liking. Which is not the case with a custom build. This offers a very advantageous option: choice. Nothing is more pleasant than finding materials that you really appreciate at home.

 Thus, you are free to adopt a tiling or precious wood in your interior. The choice is largely yours as long as it is technically feasible. In the sense of tailor-made, the future owner can thus choose layouts and variable plans according to his taste.


 The builder never works alone during a custom construction. Indeed, he cannot do the work alone. By appealing to partnerships, he enjoys advantageous aid. As a specialist, he knows which supplier to contact. A contract is thus established between these two parties. Suppliers and manufacturers thus offer reduced prices on their product when the manufacturer calls on them.

 In some cases, you can even benefit from a quasi-free construction against an advertisement for the suppliers. This is a common case during documentaries or direct advertisements. A team monitors the progress of the work in real time and thus performs free publicity for suppliers. Another scenario is also a negotiation with the partners. Excellent negotiation can decrease expenses by up to 30%, which is advantageous for your investment.

 A Withdrawal Period

 This is not always the case with all custom home builder Portland or. Depending on the manufacturer, you may benefit from a withdrawal period. This period varies from one manufacturer to another. This granted time gives you the opportunity to re-analyze the project as a whole.

 From an objective point of view, you can thus revisit the feasibility of the project and rectify some details if necessary. If you decide to withdraw before the deadline imposed and accepted by both parties, the deposit paid will be refunded. The withdrawal period may seem like an insignificant detail to some people, but it is an important option to let the investor re-check the project. It is also a great help if you find yourself faced with a detail problem that prevents you from starting the project.

 A Guarantee of Perfect Completion

 The builder, if it is the case of a custom-made individual house construction, is obliged to provide you with a guarantee of perfect completion. This contract is explicit with respect to construction. It will protect you if the house is not completed under the conditions established by the actors concerned. You can then make a request and legally request that the work be carried out in accordance with the standards and that the house has no defects.

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