An eBay gift card can save the day, but so can Netflix

Posted by Brian Miller on May 26th, 2016

Everybody loves to shop on eBay. Being a massive shopping site, eBay has every product you can think of buying and at great prices. An easy way to make a lovely gift to a person you love is to let that person buy whatever he/she wants, any time, with your money, and it can only be done with an eBay gift card. The same is the case with other popular sites like Netflix. With a Netflix gift card you can make sure your loved ones purchase and view the newest films and TV shows, quickly and without much effort.

There are two types of gift cards, whether for eBay or another online store. One has a digital format and the other is a physical card. When a digital gift card is ordered, the customer receives an email message showing their redemption code. The physical one is sent by normal mail and there is no shipping fee. If you live near big retail stores, there is also an option to buy your gift cards at these stores.  Regardless of where you get your eBay gift card from, it should be redeemed online to enable you to buy any listed item.

If you use PayPal to pay for your gift card, you can as well use the card to order items listed on So there is no point in buying one for yourself unless you plan to save the money and allocate it to such purchases from your own budget. These cards are made for giving to loved ones. Instead of offering them the money, you also show an intention, you let them know you have thought of what they would like to do with the money, but still allow them the freedom of choice. Gift cards are really considerate gifts.

For any type of card you consider making a present of, so either for the Netflix gift card or for the eBay gift card, do advise your loved ones to have or make an account on that website. For example, for eBay purchases with an eBay card, they will need an eBay account. For Netflix purchases, they will need a Netflix account. It is the same thing for all of them.

There is usually a 13-digit code that should be entered when trying to redeem a card. The code will be shown on the receipt you received in your inbox after ordering the the gift card. In case you order a card that is received by mail from a retail seller, the code will be written on the back of that card. But you will need to scratch the coating covering the code to view it and use it. Otherwise, if the card is a virtual one, the code is received via email. Since the card must be activated and then redeemed, “wait tirelessly” for a maximum of 4 hours – it is really much quicker than this. After that the user will be able to purchase with the credit on the card, as he/she sees fit. Each time you deplete your card amount by spending on an item listed on, the new balance will reflect in your account.

As you have seen from this article, purchasing an eBay gift card or a Netflix gift card can be an awesome gift idea. They are easy to buy and easy to use cards – great gifts for a number of people in your life.

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