An effective strategy carved with an essence of an STO-STO marketing

Posted by liamjosh13 on July 28th, 2022

In order to achieve a successful STO launch and sale, it is essential to have a well-thought-out STO marketing strategy.

If you're unfamiliar with the term, STO stands for security token offering. These tokens represent ownership and rights associated with securities. In other words, holders of security tokens have many rights, including equity, dividends, rights to profit sharing, and more. All of these rights can now be codified into a smart contract and traded as a token, thanks to the development of blockchain technology.

New marketing paradigms are necessary for STO marketing. The mass marketing approach that was successful for ICOs was because factors like active Telegram communities, sizable Twitter followings, and influencer endorsements were not appropriate for STOs. This is due to the fact that STOs are only intended for accredited investors. The only accredited investors who are able to participate in the offering should therefore be the sole target of a successful STO marketing campaign.

Marketing strategies work better in time, but you need to know the things required for launching an STO.

What do you require to launch an STO?


The first thing needed here is a well-balanced team which could make everything happen at the right time.

The next is the project team, where the team is stuffed with professionals from various departments, including legal, sales, marketing, and IT. They make your launch work better. 

Additionally, it is crucial to give the team enough time after it has been formed to prepare the analysis of the STO launch platforms, marketing materials, analyses, and plans, as well as for those who are a little less knowledgeable about cryptocurrency to catch up.


It involves creating marketing materials, completing legal frameworks, identifying partners—such as marketing agencies, advisors, KYC/AML providers, and others—if necessary, creating a website, and writing a whitepaper. 

Token creation

In this step, you must first decide on a provider, such as Polymath, register an account, and register a token symbol. Simple, right! But don't forget to mention the start and end dates, the hard cap, and the accepted payment methods.


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