6 Ways to Engage More Customers With Nonprofit Web portal Development

Posted by CRMJetty on July 29th, 2022

Nonprofits work for various causes to fulfill their agenda and webportal development is necessary to streamline all the camps, charity, users, etc., you have as a nonprofit organization. Encouraging users to donate and participate is also one of the prominent reasons to opt for webportal. You need an excellent nonprofit portal to attract more participants and charity. Now the question is 'how to make a good nonprofit portal?'

Your nonprofit website should have excellent UX to make navigation, donation, attendance for participation, etc. functions, more accessible for the user. You need to communicate your agenda very clearly to the users, otherwise, they will not be able to know the exact cause you are working for.

Some of the most essential elements to have in your nonprofit websites are:

  • Mission and the reason behind it
  • Vision
  • Contact information
  • Donate button
  • The results of your activities
  • Blog section
  • Call to Action Button

Let us get into details of how you can make your nonprofit web portal development engaging for the audience:

How to Make Your Nonprofit Webportal Development More Engaging

Before opting for portal development, you need to have a powerful aim, a reason to achieve it, the results of every action, how can you achieve the aim. Once you are ready with all these, you can move forward to develop a website for attracting an audience. For this, following tips will be helpful.

  • Choose a Reliable Web Development Company

It is essential to have your website built by professionals with the relevant experience and skills. You should look for a company that has worked for nonprofit organizations previously, like providing them with webportal development, etc. You can check the review given by the nonprofit organization to the company and then decide which company you want to hire for your organization's portal development.

  • Use appropriate CMS

You need to choose a CMS that is convenient and powerful for managing the existing donors and attracting potential ones. WordPress is used by many nonprofits as it has powerful functionalities and is scalable enough to organize even complex tasks for nonprofit organizations.

  • Use WebPortal Development if You are a CRM User

Managing CRM data in CRM is usually tricky, instead, you can have portal development for your organization. Portal will display all the information saved in CRM and will save all the actions in CRM.

  • Share your organization's story

Present your organization's unique story to pass the information about your journey to the goal to all site visitors. You can display images or videos to make the communication interesting. This way you can grab the audience's attention and trust.

  • Add an online donation form

An online donation form is the main part of your website as it is the key factor in achieving your organizational goal.

With a quick donation option and secure payment gateways, you can enable the donors to donate without any difficulty. 

  • Make your website mobile-responsive

It comes without saying that you need to make your website mobile responsive. People need the luxury of using the website from any device they want and from anywhere they want. Additionally, mobile users are increasing every day, so it is smart to have a mobile responsive website if you want to attract the maximum audience.

Final Words

Make sure your website promotes easy navigation, optimizes load time, has finest UX, and is mobile responsive as that is what makes a good website. Customize your website in a way that your contact details and quick donate button are visible clearly, and people don't have to struggle to find them. Putting some images of activities or an upcoming schedule is also a good way to attract an audience and have their trust. Web portal development is the best way to increase productivity for an organization.

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