How to choose pallet for efficient pallet freight shipping

Posted by shivam pandey on July 29th, 2022

Pallet shipping is a kind of shipping used in freight shipping. Pallets are that part of the freight shipping that makes the process smoother. It is one of the most trusted and efficient ways of shipping goods.

Despite being the most efficient way, pallet freight shipping is fairly simple too. Let’s know more about pallet freight so that it becomes easier. A pallet provides a strong base for loading multiple items and is constructed to make it easy to move with a forklift. But to make better use of the pallets, we need to remember some key factors. They are the following:


Pallets need to be strong enough to carry the load, tolerate the loading and uploading process, etc. Strength comes from the type of material it is constructed with. Plastic pallets are made using an advanced manufacturing process that makes the pallets consistent and strong, whereas new wooden pallets are made from different strips. Plastic pallets can hold ten times more weight than wooden pallets.


Pallets are going through different loading and uploading processes during pallet freight shipping; hence the material needs to be stiff to resist bending and deforming. Increasing the board thickness or pallet with an extra support board may help to increase the stiffness. If the pallet gets blended or deformed it affects the integrity and stability of the entire goods. So, while choosing a material check its stiffness.


During shipment, palletized products are frequently moved with various kits, loaded under other loads, and faced with environmental instabilities. Hence while choosing pallet durability is one of the key factors to look at.


While choosing a strong, stiff, and durable material, don’t forget to check its functionality. Choose a pallet that can be transported efficiently.


It is also important to remember that good things cannot be cheap. So, affordability is a big issue when choosing pallet material for efficient pallet freight shipping. You can choose a material that can be reused multiple times. Hence, talk with the shipping partner while you can receive the pallet back or not. That will make your budget proportionate to the value of the product you are shipping.

Foam cushioning

More foam density makes the product more secure. It’s a virtuous idea to assess the cushioning in an environment that simulates the actual shipping conditions.


Using blocking material like wood can prevent movement while shipping single heavy goods, and ensure adequate strength by using hardwood pallets and blocking materials.

Load protectors

Using load protector pads on the top and on the bottom will reduce the chance of damage during shipment.

Angle boards

Angle boards or edge boards can be used to increase vertical stacking strength, and reduce damage to the box edge.

There are a number of stacking methods that will help in efficient and affordable pallet freight shipping. The methods are:

Column stack

In this method, boxes or cartons are loaded in straight columns with no overlap. Column stacking generally increases the compression strength of the palletized shipments. The load stability increased if the corrugated pads were placed between the tires.

Interlocking stack

Interlocking cartons help in increasing stability. In this loading process, the boxes are stacked corner to corner and edge to edge.

Concluding lines

There are many freight-save services in Australia that provide pallet freight shipping very efficiently. Freight Save for example has profound knowledge of pallet freight shipping. Going through their website can give you a detailed idea about pallet shipping.  Many shipping companies provide pallet shipping but don’t provide the pallet. You can ask them where you can buy the pallets from. Pallet freight is an efficient way of shipping, choose a shipping company wisely to make it more effective.

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