What is the future of games with Web 3.0

Posted by osamudazai on July 29th, 2022

Gaming is something that is always close to our hearts. We play games to escape reality and experience our fantasies in our rooms. With blockchain technology, there is a lot happening in the gaming industry. The first thing that entered is the Non-Fungible Tokens. Then came the concept of Play to earn NFT games. Today the popular game developers are getting into this field with NFT gaming marketplaces, showing signs of creating a new generation of gaming. What is the future of gaming with blockchain technology and Web3? What can we gamers expect in the future? Here is something observed widely in the gaming community.

The new generation of gaming


Let's go step by step. NFTs came into the blockchain world to replace the traditional method of buying in-game assets. When it is an NFT, we can freely sell or even rent them once they are bought. This is creating a whole new creator’s economy.

Secondly, the web 3 model came in the form of play to earn NFT games. Here we get rewarded for the time and efforts we put into the gaming platform. So every time we win a match or score a point, we get rewards in the form of cryptocurrency. We can exchange this for fiat and get an income through it.

The next is the decentralization of gaming platforms. Blockchain offers decentralization where the gamers can look into the governance and future progress of the game. This is enabled through governance tokens which allow them to vote on the development and governance to make a collective decision. This avoids centralized decisions and dictating authority over the game.

The bottom line


There are many games that are coming out having blockchain as the pillar. Though there is a mixed reaction coming from the gamers community and the game developers, there is still a silver line in this regard. NFT enthusiasts are interested in these platfroms and are making them a massive hit. Gamers are also slowly turning their attention towards them as they give them an opportunity to earn while playing games.

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