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In Gaelic, the Skene clan is known as Siol Sgeine or Clann Donnachaidh Mhar. The traditional origin of the name can be traced in a Robertson tale from the eleventh century. A younger son of Robertson of Struan is supposed to have saved the king's life by slaying a fierce wolf with only a tiny knife or'sgian.' He was honoured for his good conduct with a gift of lands in Aberdeenshire called after the sword that had given him great prosperity.

Motto: Virtutis regia merces (A palace the reward of bravery)

Region: Lowlands

Lands: Skene, Aberdeenshire

Clan Chief: Dugald Skene of Skene

Gaelic Name: MacSgian

Clan Crest Description: Proper, a dexter arm coming from the shoulder out of a cloud, bearing out a triumphal crown in the hand.

As a result of their ownership of this land, the family got their name. This story is preserved on the Skene chief's shield, which depicts three wolves' heads impaled on daggers or 'durks.'The first recorded bearer of the name Skene is John de Skeen, who lived during the reign of Malcolm III.

Colour Pattern of Skene Tartan 

Skene Tartan is distinguished by dark green, sky blue, and red lines. The beginnings of the clan Skene are recorded in an 11th century story from the clan of Robertson. It is said that the younger son of Struan's Robertson chief saved the King's life by slaying a ferocious Wolf with just his Sgian-dubh.

Skene Tartan

Clan Skene Tartan pattern will make your outfits more trendy and exquisite. We have a large range of high-quality kilts. Jackets, skirts, and other clothing in this stunning Skene Tartan. To enhance your experience, we pay attention to the smallest elements that make this Tartan a fashionable item that matches the family's polished style. You may purchase any of the articles mentioned below in this tartan, and we will create your clothing exactly to your measurements.

Clan Castle And Seat

Skene Castle served as the residence of Clan Skene leaders until the main line died out in 1827, when it went to the Earl of Fife. Skene is supposed to be an extraordinarily early sept of Clan Donnachaidh, dating back before it took the name Robertson.

Clan Chief

On February 17, 1994, the Lord Lyon King of Arms recognised Danus George Moncrieff Skene of Skene as Chief of the Name and Arms of Skene. His son, Dugald, was also recognised in the matriculation as the heir presumptive. Danus Skene had matriculated his arms in 1992 as Skene of Halyards. In 1672, John Skene of Halyards matriculated his arms in the Lord Lyon's book, establishing that he was derived from chief James Skene of that Ilk, who died around 1604. Danus Skene contended in his appeal to Lord Lyon that when Alexander Skene died in 1827 with no male issue, the succession went to the next most senior family, the Skenes of Halyards.

Clan Septs

Clan Skene septs include Cariston, Dyce, Hallyard, and Carnie.

Is Clan Skene Scottish or Irish?

Clan Skene is a clan in Scotland. Three clan leaders were killed on the battlefields of Harlaw, Flodden, and Pinkie, hence the clan Skene does not have a good track record in warfare. The Skenes' tragic history culminated in 1827, when the direct line of Skenes of Skene died out. All of the family's properties were eventually handed to a nephew, the Earl of Fife, whose family still owns them now.

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What accessories should I get with Skenen Tartan?

Carrying on the Scottish legacy of bravery, adventure, and pride, we offer a wide range of Scottish kilts, skirts, and other Kilt accessories. Stitched with love and dedication, customized to your comfort and desire, Scottish Kilts gives you the freedom to be a true representative of your Clan and proud Scots man. With this mission, Scottish Kilt is striving to provide you with a huge range of accessories in all possible tartans, Now you may order/select perfect matching accessories with your desired tartan. 

Tartan Kilt

You can also order a custom-made Skene Tartan Kilt  for your love. At Scottish Kilt, we are dedicated to providing you the opportunity to adorn your country's heritage wherever you go, letting you be specific by choosing the style of tartan that represents best your family or region.

Matching Tartan Sporran

The Skene Tartan Sporran from Scottish Kilt provides you with an immense choice of style and occasion.

Matching Tartan Neck Tie & Bow Tie

The Skene Tartan Tie from Scottish Kilt provides a stylish addition to any outfit. Our ties are available in a variety of tartans designs, meaning you’re sure to find the perfect one for you.

Matching Tartan Fly Plaid

The  Skene Tartan Fly Plaid was a large piece of cloth that goes over the left shoulder of the wearer.  It is a simple square of cloth, typically 46" X 46", with fringed edges, and a box pleat is sewn in one corner.

Matching Tartan Flashes

 Skene Tartan Flashes  is perfect for any size of kilt hose.

Matching Tartan Scarf

Skene Tartan Scarf differs in weight and colour from season to season but its prices remained in the normal range without compromising on class and quality which is the hallmark of purely Scottish traditional Tartan Scarfs.

Ghillie Shirt

The Deluxe Skene Tartan Ghillie Shirt conjointly usually refers as Jacobean or Jacobite shirt may be a cultural and standard causative out work sometimes people wear with a skirt or the other dress of preference. It adds to the wonder of youngsters whereas its more graceful of full-grown up entities . It's the great combination of reserve material mixture that consists of 2 hundredth polyester and eightieth cotton for added smoothness that is mechanically cleanable .However, laces on that that are manufactured from pure animal skin that isn't machine friendly and had to be removed before a wash .We offers all desired market colours in several sizes that totally fits to the children of ages starting from 1year to12 years.The cozen ghillie Shirt is actually representing the Scottish heritage as its in been used since generations as a favourite casual choice among kilt-wearers in European nation. it's conjointly an ideal gift that's irresistible however fortuitously cheap similarly. This ancient Scottish shirt is recognized in black, cream, white, green, and blue that matches kilts elegantly and is that the favourite sport of Scottish men since ages. This shirt fits in with any rugged, vintage attire and may be a good addition to any man’s Scottish dress wardrobe and of all men across the planet.

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