Everything That You Should Know About ICU Care at Home

Posted by Health Heal on July 30th, 2022

Recently, the word "shortage" has come to refer to the healthcare system in India. There is a glaring and widening gap between healthcare practitioners and recipients as covid-19 continues to rise and registers the most significant number of cases nationwide.

Where can you find medical assistance in these trying times?

As part of their extensive efforts to assist those in need, allied medical services like home healthcare, critical nursing care at home, and therapeutic medical services provide home-bound ICU setups, medical equipment, as well as services from skilled and knowledgeable doctors, nurses, and personal attendants who assist you in recovering in the comfort and convenience of your own home.

The entire ICU setup at home:

You can set up a full specialty-focused ICU Care at home with the assistance of home healthcare service providers for less than 30 to 50 percent of the cost of the typical hospital ICU stay. ICU beds, an IV stand, a para monitor, suction equipment, nebulizers, oxygen cylinders, an alpha mattress, a DVT pump, and other medical supplies are provided by home healthcare providers based on the patient's medical needs.

Nursing care expert:

Skilled nursing care professionals manage the sophisticated ICU equipment and keep tabs on the patient's daily progress. These home care nurses are familiar with the ICU equipment's specifics and use it to raise the patient's level of health.

The ICU setup at home service is nothing less than an actual hospital stay, thanks to routine doctor visits, physiotherapists, and rehabilitation specialists, but on the cheaper end of the spectrum.

Why is in-home ICU care preferable?

Indeed, spending time in intensive care facilities is a mentally and physically taxing experience. In reality, it mentally exhausts people, and they require a lot of emotional care from their family members. In this case, the ICU Care at home setup is superior to hospital stays. Seniors recuperate significantly differently at home compared to a hospital because they have their loved ones around and can get back to their homes.

When exactly is it necessary to set up an ICU at home?

When your doctor proposes that your loved one receive long-term ICU care, you might need to make an advanced medical call for ICU care. When no effective medical treatments are required, the doctors advise this form of care.

What benefits do home ICU arrangements offer?

The recovery is excellent and relatively affordable compared to hospital costs is one of the main benefits of ICUs at home. The additional benefits comprise.

The patient is much more content and feels secure while recovering at home.

Receives individualized care, and the relationship between the patient and the nurse or doctor is significantly improved.


Patients who have been prescribed an extended stay in the intensive care unit (ICU) with little to no doctor involvement are eligible to stay. These are terminally sick patients who have respiratory or lung issues. Patients requiring ventilator care and those recuperating a surgery or a fall are also asked to be under ICU Care at home.

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