Do I Really Need a Realtor to Buy a Home?

Posted by Digital_Zone on July 30th, 2022

As a regular Realtor, I get asked this question all the time. It's a good question after all. With all the information so available online, many individuals believe they don't actually need a realtor to get a home. There are certainly an ample amount of stories of buyers who "go it alone" and do perfectly well purchasing without representation. Unfortunately, there are lots of more stories of buyers making huge mistakes since they didn't initially start to see the need to have a Realtor represent them. If you've found yourself pondering this same question, here really are a few reasons you may want to at the least consider hiring an expert Realtor:

1) Code of Ethics

I am hoping you pointed out that I said Realtor and not real-estate agent. There is a difference. All Georgia realtors are licensed to sell real-estate as a realtor or broker, but not totally all real-estate agents are Realtors. In order to display the Realtor logo, we ought to be members of the National Association of Realtors and pledge to follow along with a Code of Ethics. This code establishes a level of conduct that is more than ordinary business practices or those required by law. Only about 50% of all licensees are Realtors.

2) Experience

You don't have to know everything there is to learn about buying real-estate provided that you hire the best person. Most Realtors specialize in a specific section of town or in a specific form of real estate. Like, some agents use first-time homebuyers, or the condo market or luxury homebuyers, etc. You obtain my drift. Select a Realtor that knows the marketplace and earns their living working together with clients in real estate. You will see your Realtor might not know everything, but they will know where to discover any information you need.

3) Neighborhood Expert

Realtors have usage of a myriad of information regarding neighborhoods. Not only can we find comparable sales in your community to insure you're not paying too much for your home, we are able to usually find out what sort of upgrades those homes had and if any contracts fell through throughout the process. I talk to fellow Realtors constantly about market trends and houses currently on the market. We can also guide you to other sources to discover crime statistics, demographics or information on schools.

4) Price Guidance and Market Conditions

Unlike popular belief, we do not supply the suggested selling price or tell buyers what things to offer. With that said, we do have a vested curiosity about since your house sells. We can execute a market analysis and determine just how long homes in your community have been on the market, what the ratios of list-to-sold prices have been as well as the cost per square foot if needed. This information can have a large affect that which you as a consumer ultimately choose to do.

5) Networking

Realtors tend to have a big network of professionals they are able to refer that may assist you with obtaining financing, home inspections, pest control, minor repairs, etc. Typically, these are professionals with whom the agent has a history and feels comfortable recommending.

6) Negotiating Skills

Unlike most buyers and sellers, Realtors can remove themselves from the emotional areas of the transaction. We make use of this skill each day in a number of situations and it's our job to keep up the level head in the deal. Furthermore, we're bound to keep your information confidential which enhances your negotiating position.

7) Paperwork

Take a look at any folder being carried about by a Realtor. It is likely to be somewhere within 1 inch and 3 inches thick. This folder contains all the executed contracts, amendments, disclosure statements, exhibits, termite letters, inspection reports, instructions to closing attorneys and financing information for an individual transaction. One omission could land you in court or allow the deal to fall through without consequences to the offending party.

8) Post Closing Questions

No matter how smoothly a transaction is, there might be questions that can come up weeks or months following the closing. Any Realtor worth their salt is likely to be available after closing to point you in the best direction for getting the questions answered. We take action to keep up a connection with a great client for referrals and future business and we take action because it's the best thing to do.

Well, there you've it. Eight reasons for selecting a Realtor when purchasing a home. Just understand that real-estate is what we do all day long every day.

Tracy Anderson is a huge realtors in Atlanta area for over 7 years. She is a huge builder, worked for a contractor being an onsite agent and worked with buyers through that time. These varied experiences have made her uniquely qualified to work well with buyers and sellers. Have a look at her website at Tameka Manns

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