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Posted by Danyking on May 27th, 2016

In the next Elder Scrolls Online DLC, The Dark Brotherhood, players will be able to extend their Alchemy tradeskill into the realm of poison making. We had the opportunity to chat with Zenimax's Chris Balser & Phil Draven to learn more.

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MMORPG: Poisons are going to be introduced with the Dark Brotherhood DLC. Why in this particular DLC and is there a significance to the content itself?
Chris Balser & Phil Draven: The Dark Brotherhood has always had a strong attachment to poison and poisoning. In Oblivion, for example, you could use poisoned apples to kill NPCs. In Skyrim there is an entire quest about poisoning someone’s food with a rare and deadly root. We had a thematic tie to Poison-Making in terms of the content, and so we wanted to deliver it hand-in-hand with a particularly dark content experience.

MMORPG: Alchemy already exists in the game. Is the new poison line going to be an extension of alchemy or is it its own separate entity?
CB & PD: Poison-Making is an extension of Alchemy. It’s fundamentally quite similar in how you make the poisons, and many of the reagents – mushrooms in particular – that were largely undesirable for potion-making make rather delightful poisons.
MMORPG: What are the major differences between poisons and alchemical creations in terms of ingredients and in the creative process?
CB & PD: Mostly, the difference lies in the solvent you use to deliver your essential reagents – we wanted there to be a clear and manual distinction between creating a potion and creating a poison, so players couldn’t accidentally produce one or the other. So, if you use water solvents for an alchemical task, you always, invariably, produce a potion. If you use one of the new solvents – an oil solvent – you always, invariably produce a poison.

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