The Majestic Creations of Phoenix Hardscape Installers

Posted by Gale Freeman on July 31st, 2022

For decades people accented their homes through landscape vegetation, wood decks, or gravel. Hardscape design gradually became a popular option for homeowners because it cut down on water usage and provided a more utilitarian outdoor surface. The service lays out pavers or concrete sections in various patterns to create walkways, driveways, patios, and other outdoor recreational areas. Whether the design produces a cobblestone path leading to a home or a textured concrete pool surround, Phoenix hardscape installers can design unique stone arrangements that bring extra appeal to a property.

Distinctive Concrete Possibilities Few People Know About

Homeowners don't immediately think of concrete when considering a hardscape design because the material is commonly linked to large, flat pads or walkways. Premium hardscape installations in Phoenix can pour all shapes and sizes of concrete surfaces, add stain to provide a color other than gray, and stamp the wet surface with a pattern. Homeowners who desire an earthy, cobblestone look don't have to rely on pavers to create this effect. The expert installers can add a stain like sienna to the mix, file in a large area with concrete, and use a textured stamper to mimic a cobblestone appearance.

Creating a Safe and Secure Stone Surface

Homeowners who install patio pavers can often run into leveling issues. Whether it's due to hard soil, large roots, or a lack of the proper tools, many people try and fail to make their patio or walkway completely level. When a homeowner hires the best hardscape installers in Phoenix, every stone area will have a precise edge line and be uniform in height. Residents won't have to worry about water pooling or tripping hazards due to improperly laid stones. The team will ensure that everything is flush and securely set to create attractive curb appeal and avoid tripping or slipping dangers.

Detailed Price Quotes at No Additional Cost

No two hardscape projects are ever the same, which means installers don't have generalized pricing. Fortunately, quality landscapers in Phoenix offer a free quote service to help inform customers about the cost associated with their project. To formulate the quote, team members will visit the project site and speak with the customer to learn about their hardscape vision. The project area will be surveyed and measured to determine the different pavers and embellishments the customer can incorporate. This information also establishes how much material is required, what tools are necessary to break ground and set the stones, and how much manpower will be required.

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