Why Choose Cisco Switches for Your Network?

Posted by Streym IT Solutions on August 1st, 2022

One of the top global IT companies offering networking services is Cisco. Cisco offers its clients top-notch network switches. Your ability to cope with dangers is aided by their integrated security. They offer switches for all sizes of networks. Cisco offers trustworthy switches for every application, anywhere. 

Advantages of Cisco Switches 

Provide for Businesses 

Cisco switches increase the performance and scalability of your organization. In times of change, its adaptable setups always provide dependable and straightforward communications. By implementing a Cisco switching system, you can react swiftly to new business requirements. 

Dependable and Conforming 

The use of Cisco switches is completely secure. They assist in defending against dangers. It includes security features including firewalls, intrusion detection, control plane policies, TrustSec, MACsec, and VLANs. 

How to Make Your Network a Strategic Asset? 

The foundation of the unending network structure is Cisco switching solutions. All different kinds of organizations and businesses across all industries benefit from Cisco's versatile platforms and intelligent services. You can get a fantastic return on your investment using their solutions. 

Superior Levels of Access and Service 

Reliable access to any resource, anywhere, at any time, is crucial in today's world. Fast development, enhanced access, high throughput, optimal uptime, and automated operations are all provided by Cisco switching systems. Their support services will assist your company in achieving the network performance that is promised. 

Reduce the use of Resources and Energy Costs 

Customers can get energy-efficient switches from Cisco. Stack Power technology, enhanced video and virtualization capabilities, increased service life, and other Streym IT Solutions are all provided by Cisco switching solutions. Cisco switches can cut energy expenses by up to 30% while reducing emissions of greenhouse gases and carbon footprint. 

Investment Security 

For your company organization, both today and in the future, Cisco switching solutions are always available. We offer switches that amplify performance and scalability while also delivering excellent returns on investment. 

Why are Cisco Switches highly recommended? 

There are many reasons: 

• They offer network services to businesses of all sizes and types. 

• All traffic types can be handled by Cisco switches across the whole network. 

• All users can access their services and traffic can be managed through almost any media. 

• These are readily available on the market and offer good performance for a reasonable price. 

Financial Security and Corporate Responsibility 

Cisco only had 111 employees and three products in 1989. Today, Cisco employs more than 50,000 people in 70 different nations. IT has experienced amazing growth. Cisco reported earnings of more than billion in 2006. Cisco is currently one of the top companies offering the best network services. In the group of network and communications firms, Cisco is ranked second. 

Dedicated to Innovation 

When it comes to offering top-notch network services like routers and switches, Cisco has a fantastic reputation. the entire world. The "build, partner, and acquire" development model is used by Cisco. They draw from a large talent pool of engineers to create their goods. In order to create new products and technologies, Cisco has more than 16,000 engineers working in more than 1100 labs throughout the globe. 

Dedication to Customers 

Cisco has a strong commitment to its clients. Since 1996, Cisco has taken meticulous note of customer happiness. Cisco Consulting Service offers extensive online help and lives phone support seven days a week to ensure customer satisfaction. Around the world, more than 1300 support engineers are always on hand. Customers of Cisco are given excellent help by support engineers. 

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