Football World Cup: All You Need to Know About Qatar Football World

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Football World Cup: All You Need to Know About Qatar Football World

How did a country with no major footballing belief, no suitable current infrastructure, and a situation totally unsuited to a summer tournament but then with nearly limitless cash acquire the right to host one of the world’s biggest sporting contests? One day the full story may appear.

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It is hard to imagine a less suitable nation to be the sole place for the Qatar Football World Cup an honor bestowed on Qatar in 2010. In March 2015, it was revealed that the Football World Cup tournament would be played in early winter to avoid the extreme summer heat, even though it suggested pulling the heart out of European football times to adjust the shift.

Forward of kick-off on 21 November, stadiums are being done on random bits of the desert. The conventional camaraderie and international knowledge that every Football World Cup encourages most newly in the highly successful Russia 2018 will be mostly absent, and, more straightforwardly followers still don’t know the rules about getting a beer. Yet since Qatar 2022 is going ahead, all we can do is try to get the best of it. This is your vital endurance kit.

Just remind me about Qatar Football World Cup.

The host of the Football World Cup 2022 is a thumb of territory just half the size of Wales jutting from the Arabian Peninsula into the Gulf. Doha, the money, is in the same location as Miami and Hong Kong, and the same longitude as Tehran and Baku.

It stocks a land border with Saudi Arabia (KSA) and is close to Bahrain, with Abu Dhabi in the UAE 200 miles east and Dubai somewhat further. The UK is about 3,300 miles away nearly seven hours’ flying time. The Supreme Committee (SC) for Delivery & Legacy the Qatari body arranging the tournament Football World Cup speaks that the dense nature of the tournament will have a positive effect on players and followers.

The organization declares: “Not only will supporters be able to watch more than one game in a single day, but they will also prevent the long trips to other matches seen in previous Football World Cups where some matches were played thousands of miles apart.”

When does Football World Cup start and end?

The opening game and Qatar’s first-ever Football World Cup match kicks off next to Ecuador at 1 pm local time on 21 November 2022 at the Al Bayt Stadium in the town of Al Khor, in the northeastern of Qatar.

The final of the Qatar Football World Cup is at 3 pm local time on 18 December at the Lusail Iconic Stadium, north of Doha.

What awaits England and Wales?

Both home squads are in Group B, along with Iran and the USA. All Group B matches will take place on 21, 25, and 29 November.

Football World Cup: How do I get there, and how much will it cost?

Direct flights on Qatar Airways accompanied by its partner, British Airways will run from London Heathrow and Birmingham, Cardiff, Gatwick, Edinburgh, and Manchester. They will move down at Hamad International Airport in Doha Qatar one of the big Gulf hubs.

Costs are previously high for direct flights: usually, upwards of £1,200 return for leavings on 19 November a pair of days before the first Group B games and returning on 19 December the day after the final. In particular, prices towards the end of the Football World Cup tournament may rise as of demand from ordinary tourists, not football followers flying long-haul via Doha for Christmas.

Any cheaper alternatives?

Lower costs for linking flights are offered on a wide variety of airlines via their hubs: Turkish Airlines via Istanbul, EgyptAir via Cairo, and Royal Jordanian via Amman.

There are not yet especially good deals on the Gulf-based transporters such as Etihad, Gulf Air, and Emirates via Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, and Dubai. As lots of fans will be staying out of Qatar and just flying in for matches, that will put stress on prices.

Qatar Football World Cup: How will I get around?

The extreme distance among any of the eight stadiums is 45 miles, and all public transport will be free to supporters on game days. Doha has a new and impressively good Metro system. Wandering from the airport into the investment and forwards to Lusail Iconic Stadium at the end of the line, and place for the final is simple.

The hub of the three-line network is Msheireb occasionally meant, and always spoke, Musheireb in the heart of Doha Qatar. All three lines red, green and gold meet up. Some say it is a lavish take on the extravagant mid-20th century Soviet Metro stations. Buy a travel card on coming to the airport for 10 rials just about £2 and load it as you go along: each journey is 2 rials 40p although daily use is topped at 6 rials £1.20.

Stylish travelers could choose to go for Gold Club on the Metro, for which the travel card costs 100 rials and for each journey is 10 rials. You can imagine a feast of cavernous bling with white leather seats and, with tickets five times higher than normal, a near-empty wagon.

A new carriage is set aside for families, in which men are permitted only if they are on the road with a woman. The same travel card works on the Lusail tram system. Qatar has a good bus system. No cash or straight payment is permitted; you must buy a Karwa collected value card. The Classic Card, price of 30 rials contains 20 rials worth of journeys, which is more than sufficient for a coming back trip between Doha and the northern town of Al Khor, home to one of the key stadiums of the Qatar Football World Cup.

Buses have video displays that show precisely where you are, the next stop and the likely time at the station, and even the name of the driver and the speed at which he is driving. Uber has an outstanding system of drivers and cars, with very low rates: a trip from Doha to Al Khor is about 50 rials.

There is also an open-sided, battery-powered tram car that runs counterclockwise on a track through the Msheireb borough of central Doha, offering a shady and refreshing 15-minute journey.

Where will I stay at Qatar Football World Cup?

The Supreme Committee (SC) for Delivery & Legacy anticipates 1.5 million visitors throughout the Football World Cup. In 2019, Qatar had 35,000 hotel rooms. Although the Qatari government tells it is adding 105 new hotels and repaired apartments, with an eventual goal of more than 100,000 rooms.

To put the number in perspective, though, that will still be less than the city of Sochi just one of the dozen places for the Russia 2018 Football World Cup. The peak dates for touring fans are likely to be 27 and 28 November, just before the end of the group stage, with 275,000 fans in the country.

The accommodation search task provided by the Supreme Committee (SC) permits supporters to find rooms in a wide variety of hotels. Ten nights starting on 20 November at present cost at least 2,333 rials around £500. There are also cottages aboard cruise ships anchored in Qatar for the event: MSC’s Poesia and World Europa for 2,840 rials.

Rates are expected to rise sharply and convenience will fall once tickets have been allotted. Some fans will be able to camp in the desert, in what’s being called Fan Village desert camping.

What are the choices outside Qatar?

Dubai (UAE) has the most hotel rooms, with Abu Dhabi not far after. Then to save cash I suggest Bahrain especially if a ferry link is re-established through the short sea crossing to Qatar or Saudi Arabia, which has a land border, but then lodging options anywhere near the border are restricted.

Can I get Football World Cup tickets now?

If you are willing to pay highly for the opportunity. Well-heeled supporters can lock into their team’s games but it will cost thousands of pounds to curate your Football World Cup 2022 event. To secure a seat at each of England’s or Wales’s three group games, plus the round of 16 and quarter-final, costs ,250. Worldwide Tickets and Hospitality offers tickets for the Qatar Football World Cup at the best prices. Football fanatics and buy Football World Cup Tickets at exclusively discounted prices.

Then you should not need to pay so much. Not like every previous Football World Cup in modern times, there is not a significant football-supporting cohort of local people who will be needing to buy Football World Cup tickets in their tens of thousands. In extra, the cost of extending Qatar and staying there will prove intimidating for many fans.

The next tranche of tickets will be a Random Selection Draw from 10 am BST on Tuesday 5 April, up until 28 April. Four types of Qatar Football World Cup tickets are available: Individual Match Tickets, Supporter Tickets, Conditional Supporter Tickets, and the Four-Stadium Ticket series.

Winning ticket candidates won’t be alerted any earlier than 31 May. Should you be lucky, your game Football World Cup ticket will be found on the Hayya Card meaning let’s go, and equal to the Fan ID in Russia 2018 which will also include permission to be in Qatar, and act out as a pass for free public transfer on the day of games.

And if I’m not interested in football?

“If you are traveling around to Qatar between 1 November 2022 and 23 January 2023 you will need to have an official Hayya Card, regardless of whether you are expecting to attend a Football World Cup game,” states the Foreign Office.

What will I eat and drink at Football World Cup in Qatar?

Qatar has excellent restaurants, varying from classic Middle Eastern cuisine to choices from the Indian subcontinent. There are also some exceptional venues offered for Westerners, such as Boho Social just north of Katara Social Village, itself north of Doha.

Then drinking alcohol is not likely at this or other stand-alone restaurants at present. Alcohol is presently offered in hotels with their restaurants and will be worked at fan zones during the tournament Football World Cup.

The Supreme Committee (SC) speaks: “Alcohol is not part of Qatari culture, and may not be accessible all over, but it will be offered in designated zones”.

“FIFA will work with Qatar World Cup, as it does with all Football World Cup host states, to find a resolution that fulfills everyone involved.”

It is unlawful to drink alcohol or be drunk in public, with the Foreign Office threatening that drunkenness could result in a prison punishment of up to six months and/or a fine up to QAR3,000 (over £600). Anybody living in Saudi Arabia (KSA) will not be able to drink but in the kingdom.

Is there a dress code?

Yes, corresponds to the Qatar Tourism Authority. It says: Tourist men, as well as women, are likely to show regard for local society by avoiding overly exposing clothing in public.

It is generally advised for men and women to make sure their shoulders and knees are protected.

What about behavior?

The tourism body speaks: “Showing overt fondness and affection in public is frowned upon. Qatari ladies will not shake hands with men, and several men will not shake a lady’s hand as a gesture of sense.”

The Foreign Office warns: “Homosexual conduct is illegal in Qatar. Article 296 of the Qatari legal code requires a sentence of between one and three years for leadership, initiating or making a male by in any way to execute sodomy”.

Personal life in Qatar is largely recognized although any intimacy among persons in public can lead to offense, regardless of gender, sexual preference, or intent. Host authorities have said that everybody is welcome’ at the Football World Cup. They have publicly proved that there will be no limits on non-married friends or couples as well as LGBTs settling in the same room.

Football World Cup: Is there much to keep me amused?

The main cultural allure is the stunning new National Museum, telling the Qatar story from pre-history to unimaginable wealth from oil. A key exhibition is the vast 18th-century Baroda Carpet, adorned with gems. Also worth a trip is the Museum of Islamic Art.

Both are magnificent structures close to the waterside, with engrossing displays. Doha’s calculation to a historic center, built around the Waqif souk, is pleasant plenty and comes to life each sunset. Although it is somewhat more modern than the shops in other Arabian locations such as Muscat, Bahrain, and Dubai.

As with other Gulf states, shopping is particularly popular, and there are lots of malls in and around Doha and the towns elsewhere. In the far southeast of Qatar, close to the Saudi border, the Khor Al-Adaid area also known as the Inland Sea includes the nation’s biggest nature preserve.

It is attached to the Gulf by a narrow down, a deep channel about six miles long. Wildlife contains turtles, sea eagles, and Arabian gazelles. Unesco tells it has outstanding, immature natural beauty. The UN body asserts: There is no equivalent lagoonal system of this type known somewhere else in the world.

Additionally, there are some valuable archeological sites and a variety of cultural legacy sites to be found in the area. The stony desert of the Al-Adaid area maintained bedouins and their graze stock. Pre-historical use of the small islands in the Khor has also been bare.

Away in Qatar, the northern town of Al Khor venue for the opening game is a fairly normal Arab fishing port, with a handsome set of boats and a lively fish market.

I just want to fly into Qatar for the game and fly out again.

That is likely to be a very common option. The Qatari experts say: Information about making a matchday visit to Qatar will be offered at a later date.

Isn’t their tension between Qatar and its neighbors?

Yes. In July 2017, Saudi Arabia (KSA), Bahrain, Egypt, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) cut military and political ties with Qatar, claiming the country had supported extremist groups a fee that the Qatari government refused.

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