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Account supervision responsibilities are legally assigned to all financial institutions. But the FZ-402 Law of December 6, 2011, has an exception: in practice, citizens and individual businessmen are exempted from these requirements. But the operator must keep a record of income and expenses. The operator - the payer of UTII must keep an index register to calculate a single tax on a particular income.

Operators are responsible for the property - they are responsible for the results of privately owned business activities. Therefore, it is important for every trader to properly manage their accounts. Choose the right tax system and report on time Founders can choose OSNO, USN, UTND, and PSN (patent system).

IP Reports in OSNO

The general tax system is very complex. The main mode is suitable for individual entrepreneurs and VAT payers. Preferred types of income taxpayers (academic and medical institutions) The choice of OSNO may be interesting if the operator's activities exceed the requirements of a particular system. (number of employees and income level)

Individual entrepreneurs who chose the collective tax system submitted the following reports to the IFTS:

  • VAT statement - quarterly;

  • 3-NDFL - end of the year;

  • 4-NDFL - Revenue increased more than 50% compared to last year's levels.

It is also subject to tax on a person's property (IFTS sends its tax notice).

Intellectual property reporting for a simple tax system

After selecting "Simplify", the operator must send the following reports:

  • Intellectual property declaration on a simplified tax system;

  • Information about the average number of employees

  • Statement on Form 2-NFDL

The entrepreneur must file an annual report with the tax office and keep the KUdiR for the year. In addition, quarterly accounts of insurance premiums are submitted to the Federal Tax Service Inspectorate, which combines data on Forms 4-FSS and RSV-1 promptly. The same each entrepreneur submits monthly data on insurance companies for extra-budgetary funds in the form of SZV-M and the quarterly declaration 6-NDFL to the Office of Revenue.


Entrepreneurs who switched to UTII submitted the specified forms and annual income tax returns to the IFTS in the absence of employees. Statistical reports submitted to the Fund and UTII's quarterly achievements are limited to reports only. These operators are exempted from providing accounts and financial statements. Alternatively, submit standard-type documents to the FSS and PFR. The main difficulty in working with this tax system is the quarterly filing of tax returns. You can submit the report manually to the IRS. By mail or online

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