With a strength of more than 50,000 students, MIT Pune Group is making history. It is the first private engineering university to be established in the city of Pune. It has acquired over four universities and provides undergraduate and postgraduate courses in different fields such as engineering, pharma, design, medicine, and others. If you are looking for top computer engineering colleges in Pune, MIT AOE, Part of MIT Pune Group ranks high on your list.

BTech CSE with AI and ML

BTech CSE with AI and ML is an undergraduate program of four years at MITAOE. With the digital world taking over, understanding machines is a need. Artificial intelligence and machine learning hold great importance in the present and the near future.

These subjects help students learn about machines better. Instructions can be laid out better, and human intervention can further be reduced. It also helps in improving the efficiency of the machines.

Study Pattern at MITAOE

Studying at the MIT AOE, students will gain access to an experienced and elite teaching faculty. The institute focuses on research and output-based learning methodologies. They focus on helping students understand the deeper concepts of artificial intelligence and machine learning. This further helps them to develop better and innovative strategies for improved output.


The curriculum is developed after analyzing the need of the market and ever-rising competition. Keeping this in mind, the college has invested about 2.5 crores in their software and technologies to ensure their students are well versed with the current market applications. The main subjects covered are systems, data warehousing, machine intelligence, data mining, computer networking, and applications.


Along with studies, MITAOE also emphasizes exposure and prepares its students to face the competitive world. They conduct seminars to help students face the industry and conduct in-depth research on topics of their choice. The college often organizes workshops to let them understand practical applications and learn new things.

Student Life

College cannot be all about studies. Young adults always look forward to fun and engaging activities. Here is where the student life at MITAOE comes into the limelight. It has various student clubs, such as Aalekh, MITAero, the drama club, the digital design club, and many others. The students and the college board organize various events. This helps in the holistic and overall development of the students.


MIT AOE invites over 200 diverse and top companies to accommodate their students when it comes to campus placements. The department of training and placement at MITAOE prepares its students to face any difficulties one might imagine at the time of placement. They lay corporate interference to ensure better communication and guidance for their students.

As we know, self-employment has gained widespread acceptance in the present generation. Hence, MIT AOE has taken it upon itself to train and give rise to the new age entrepreneurs by providing them direction in the right way. MIT AOE also offers sponsorship to students to conduct various in-plant projects or take up training internships to boost their skills.

Study at One of the Top Engineering Colleges in Pune

Studying BTech CSE with AI and ML at MITAOE is a great choice for the holistic development of a student. They are in the field of education to give rise to future industrialists. Are you ready to be one of them?