How To Improve Communication In A Relationship: 4 Things That Go A Long Way

Posted by KC Life Counseling on August 1st, 2022

They say communication is the key! But how will you communicate with your partner, or any person in your life, for that matter, when you don’t know how to use that key? Most couples, once madly in love, feel misunderstood, unheard, unloved, and isolated, especially after fights, yet they don’t communicate effectively enough to resolve real problems. Although small talk works many times, it is not the correct way to make things right. Seeking couples Counseling Services in Missouri is wise to learn how to communicate with your partner. Here are more suggestions that help improve communication in a relationship; read on:

Focus on open communication

Communication barriers are one of the reasons why relationships don’t survive long, despite partners being in love. Good communication always requires openness, and it’s challenging to speak comfortably about thoughts and feelings without it. If you and your partner want to break down communication barriers and make heart-to-heart conversations, start by dropping criticism, defensiveness, and blame during verbal and non-verbal interactions. Also, spilling secrets and sharing deepest memories and feelings can be difficult for a person; it’s better to be patient and respectful of each other’s emotional boundaries.

Pick up on non-verbal cues

Non-verbal communication is as crucial as verbal communication in a relationship. When your partner says everything is fine, but their tone and attitude still give them away, they are likely having troubles but are not yet ready to talk about them. Instead of pushing them to communicate, take the cue and give them their space and time. When mutual understanding establishes between two people, they understand each other better and become closer.

Don’t try to be a mind reader

You and your partner have perhaps known each other for a long time, but you can’t simply predict what is on their mind or how they are feeling. Instead of trying to read their minds or making assumptions, ask them; they might speak openly and tell you what’s troubling them. Likewise, when your partner makes an effort, open up about your feelings when you feel ready. Don’t wait for your partner to figure out if something is bothering you; be honest and express it in the healthiest way possible.

Be all ears

Communication isn’t only about letting your partner know your feelings; it’s also about listening to theirs. It’s not uncommon for couples to get defensive in the heat of the moment, but not understanding each other’s point of view can create a big gap between them. And the only way to bridge it is by improving communication in the relationship and learning the importance of active listening. Not thinking thoroughly during arguments creates misunderstandings, which leads to frustration and breakdown.

Healthy communication is necessary to be sure that you and your partner are on the same page. If you believe your relationship is falling apart, seek couples counseling services in and around Missouri before it gets too late.

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