What You Can Do About Society's Fastest Growing Crime - Identity Theft

Posted by Digital_Zone on August 2nd, 2022

Identity fraud victims have their share of taking on those thieves who have managed to complete some big damage on their lives through Citibank's inspired and humorous commercials. By lending their voices to the characters of the thieves with a comical effect to Citibank's commercial on its Citi Identity Theft solution service, it's helped inform the public on how to proceed when such financial crisis happens.

Due to the crime being among the fastest growing illegal activities in the United States, the NYPD through its veterans that individuals have sought expert services to, has been tapped to discuss the nature of the crime, how people can handle it, along with some pointers on the best way to prevent it.

Here are some tips on what you are able to do:

• As stipulated on the federal law, you can now avail of a totally free copy from some of the three credit bureaus your credit report. You are able to request for this yearly from the Equifax, Experian, and Transunion. tck 141 Should you wish for yet another copy, you are required to pay a particular amount.

• Buying a document shredder won't be too costly if it means helping you save from financial distress. Utilize this to shred your old bank statements, bills and credit card receipts.

• Discontinue inactive bank cards or bank accounts.

• Have your name deleted from the lists of telemarketers and pre-approved credit lines.

• If your bills don't arrive, make sure to inform your supplier or creditor; most particularly if you see unusual charges on your account.

• Secure your personal computer by installing anti-virus and other security programs.

What you shouldn't do:

• Unless you were the one who contacted a particular person or a supplier, do not give any personal information which can be useful to their modus operandi.

• Placing information that only must certanly be known for you such as for instance PIN number, Social Security number, passwords to your account in your wallet or bag;

• Writing your Social Security number on your checks and other materials that will identify you while the owner.

When you have fallen victim to identity theft:

• Head to the authorities like the FBI or police and contain it wear record that the identity was stolen;

• Inform the credit bureaus that you are placing an alert on your record;

• Inform your service providers and creditors that you might have fallen victim to the crime;

• Head to the Federal of Trade and Commission or Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) where you are able to report for them of your situation. This way, they could also use the info you've given for them to simply help solve the crime.

By being very vigilant, we could help not merely ourselves but the whole country from experiencing the hands of these identity thieves which mindlessly do not realize its chain of consequences that range between individuals, to the federal government and to large corporations that really help drive the economy.

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