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Kinnear sometimes known as Kynnier, is derived from the lands of Kinnear near Wormit in Fife. The family is descended from Symon, son of Michael, who donated Cathelai territory to the church of St. Andrews. King Malcom IV confirmed this gift.

Is The Surname Kinnear Irish Or Scottish?

Kinnear is a surname from Scotland and Ireland that meaning "chieftain." The Kinnears were initially vassals of the Priory of St. Andrews in Kathlac, which they held until the early eighteenth century. Sir John de Kyner paid homage in 1296, Petrus Kynior was chosen common councilor of Aberdeen in 1477, John de Kyner was accepted burgess of Aberdeen in 1439, and Adam Kynnor was admitted burgess of Aberdeen in 1457. In 1543, John Kynnier was returned as the heir of his father, David Kynnier de eodem. In 1574, Henry Kinneir of Kinneir was appointed commendator of Balmerino Abbey, and John Kinneir of same Ilk was appointed bailie.

Crest: A crescent rising from a cloud, with a star emerging from between its horns, all contained by two palm branches arranged in orle, Proper

Motto: Errantia Lumina Fallunt (Wandering lights deceive)

Lands: Perthshire

Clan Chief: None, armigerous clan

Colour Pattern Of Kinnear Tartan

The Kinnear Family Tartan has wide forest green stripes that run vertically and horizontally throughout the kilt. This green is complemented with thin, brilliant red double stripes that follow the green's directional patterns.

For the proprietor of the Barony of Kinnear, located near Wormit, Fife, this Kinnear Clan Tartan was created in partnership with The Scottish Tartans Society. Modeled after the Duke of Fife, with armorial colours overcheck. The Earl of Kinnear Michael Jean Pilette, Baron of Kinnear (Vlug). This tartan is not only a symbol of your Scottish heritage, but will make any outfit you put together more stylish and elegant! This page lists all clothing that's made from this special pattern. Clicking on above-mentioned link – you can view the available Kilt Suits, Embroidered Waistcoats, Women’s Jackets and much more!

Looking To Buy Kinnear Tartan Fabric Or Kilt ?

When it comes to finding your own tartan to represent not only your Scottish heritage but also your personality. You can find Kinnear Tartan Faric by the yard at a very low price which has a very astonishing print, color or pattern, that you could prefer which allows you to create the perfect kilt and much more. These Tartan fabrics are made with the highest-quality acrylic wool and are about 54 inches wide in order to ensure that you are satisfied with the look and feel of each yard you purchase.

What accessories should I get with Kinnear Tartan?

Carrying on the Scottish legacy of bravery, adventure, and pride, we offer a wide range of Scottish kilts, skirts, and other Kilt accessories. Stitched with love and dedication, customized to your comfort and desire, Scottish Kilts gives you the freedom to be a true representative of your Clan and proud Scots man. With this mission, Scottish Kilt is striving to provide you with a huge range of accessories in all possible tartans, Now you may order/select perfect matching accessories with your desired tartan.

Tartan Kilt

You can also order a custom-made Kinnear Tartan Kilt for your love. At Scottish Kilt, we are dedicated to providing you the opportunity to adorn your country's heritage wherever you go, letting you be specific by choosing the style of tartan that represents best your family or region.

Matching Tartan Sporran

The Kinnear Tartan Sporran from Scottish Kilt provides you with an immense choice of style and occasion.

Matching Tartan Fly Plaid

The Kinnear Tartan Fly Plaid was a large piece of cloth that goes over the left shoulder of the wearer. It is a simple square of cloth, typically 46" X 46", with fringed edges, and a box pleat is sewn in one corner.

Matching Tartan Flashes

Kinnear Tartan Flashes are perfect for any size of kilt hose.

Matching Tartan Scarf

Kinnear Tartan Scarf differs in weight and colour from season to season but its prices remained in the normal range without compromising on class and quality which is the hallmark of purely Scottish traditional Tartan Scarfs.

Ghillie Shirt

The Deluxe Kinnear Tartan Ghillie Shirt conjointly usually refers as Jacobean or Jacobite shirt may be a cultural and standard causative out work sometimes people wear with a skirt or the other dress of preference. It adds to the wonder of youngsters whereas its more graceful of full-grown up entities . It's the great combination of reserve material mixture that consists of 2 hundredth polyester and eightieth cotton for added smoothness that is mechanically cleanable .However, laces on that that are manufactured from pure animal skin that isn't machine friendly and had to be removed before a wash.

We offers all desired market colours in several sizes that totally fits to the children of ages starting from 1year to12 years.The cozen ghillie Shirt is actually representing the Scottish heritage as its in been used since generations as a favourite casual choice among kilt-wearers in European nation. it's conjointly an ideal gift that's irresistible however fortuitously cheap similarly. This ancient Scottish shirt is recognized in black, cream, white, green, and blue that matches kilts elegantly and is that the favourite sport of Scottish men since ages. This shirt fits in with any rugged, vintage attire and may be a good addition to any man’s Scottish dress wardrobe and of all men across the planet.

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