5 Good Reason to Visit Rome

Posted by Alexandros on August 2nd, 2022

It's hard to resist the charms of Rome. Some may find it noisy and full of traffic, but those same ones, turning a corner and finding the calm and beauty of a small square, soon forget the above and get carried away by the moment. Rome is Rome, impossible not to love her. It has so much to see that it takes more than one trip to discover everything it hides. If you have not yet visited it or are thinking of repeating it, we give you five reasons why you should set foot on it.

1- See One of the Cradles of European Civilization

Rome is the base for much of European culture. The Roman Empire spread its language, religion, and customs throughout the continent. The greatness of those centuries is still preserved in several buildings, which are nothing if not the confirmation of the ingenuity of the Romans. You can walk through the capital of the ancient empire and see how buildings over 1,000 years old are still standing. Do not miss the Colosseum, the Roman forums, Trajan's Market, the Pantheon, or the Arch of Titus, among many others. Likewise, on the outskirts of the city, the catacombs of the first Catholics await you in the bowels of Rome.

2-Impossible to Eat Badly

Italian gastronomy does not need any type of presentation since it is known worldwide. If you go to Rome, you will discover that in addition to pasta and pizza, they have a wide variety of traditional dishes and recipes. Our recommendation is that you stay away from the big international food chains and that you try to enter traditional restaurants. One that is really good is the MonteCarlo, a traditional establishment in the heart of the city. A highly recommended area to find good restaurants in Rome is Trastevere. Likewise, you cannot leave Rome without having tried its creamy ice creams, capable of convincing the most skeptical salty lovers. And of course, between visits, have a coffee in Sant'Eustachio.

3- Get Lost in Unique Squares

The list of essential places in Rome is extensive. From the beautiful Plaza de España, to the Plaza de la Fontana di Trevi, passing through Plaza Navona. Do not stop seeing them and pay attention to all their sources and details. Nor can you miss the Piazza del Campidoglio, the Piazza Della Republica, the Piazza del Popole, the Piazza del Quirinale, the Piazza Venezia... And of course, the Plaza de San Pedro in the Vaticann. In all of them you will breathe art history. Renaissance and Baroque are the predominant styles, and you will come face to face with works by artists of the stature of Bernini, Giacomo Della Porta, Michelangelo.

4- Observe Italian Fashion

Italians are said to have a sixth fashion sense. There is everything. However, if you walk through the city on the Tiber, you will surely end up discovering some common points of Italian fashion. Rome has a large number of exclusive national and international designer shops. In addition to looking at how the Romans dress, you can visit the shopping streets to observe (and in the best of cases, buy) the establishments of large fashion firms. One of the places you must visit is the exclusive Via dei Condotti. You can also browse the Via Frattina and the Via del Babuino.

5-Museums and Churches Everywhere

It's no wonder that the Italian capital is home to so many museums, and so many good ones. Where to start? Good question. Our proposal is that you visit at all the museums that exist in Rome. Of course, we recommend that you do Biblie Tour of Rome and not leave Rome without seeing some like the Vatican Museums (where the Sistine Chapel is located) or the Borghese Gallery. It is the same with churches. Rome is full of temples, many of them of great artistic and historical importance. There are more than 900, so you will have to do an important sieve. If you have little time visit the Vatican, Santa Maria Maggiore, San Juan de Letran or San Pablo Outside the Walls.

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