Top 8 Reasons for Visiting Goa in Monsoon

Posted by vikas shukla on August 2nd, 2022

Goa in Monsoon is the time when visitors would witness fewer crowds, cheap hotel and flight rates, and a fresh coastal breeze blowing all day long. Goa tour packages in monsoon available at very cheap price. While the weather is welcoming for couples and family who want to unwind in the pleasant weather, July is not the best time to visit for those who are seeking to go out there on the beach and soak up some sun.

1. Travel Cheap

Check the ticket price. It is available at half price for a round trip compared to the high season. From Mumbai or Bangalore. Goa is a short drive or bus ride. Goa's best hotels and villas may also be offered with a 50% flat rate discount. Low-budget hotels are available for only Rs 500 and are right next to the beach. During monsoon very few people visit Goa.

2. Best Nature View

This heavenly slice is the most beautiful when the rain flushes the dust. Visit pristine lands where nature thrives in all its glory and loses itself. The fresh, green and raw beauty of these places is a must-see experience. Wondering where to visit for a glimpse of nature? !! Goa is home to abundant wildlife in its dense tropical forests.

3. Lesser Crowd in July

The beaches in Goa are packed with tourists all year round, except July. This is a time when you will easily find a peaceful spot a beach chair to apply some sunblock, lie down and enjoy the sun. There's only one catch. Due to heavy rains, there will be less sun and more clouds. So keep a check on your weather app before heading out. Don't worry about pre-booking flights and hotels as there will be no hassle in booking them on the spot too.

4. Cheap Prices

Travelling on a tight budget? July is the best month to enjoy Goa without burning a hole in your wallet. As July isn't a peak season, you'll come across fewer crowds. Fewer crowd equals cheap hotels, flight tickets, transportation costs, renting bikes and cars, and even food and drinks. water sports in goa not active in monsoon.

5. Spectacular Greenery

July is the perfect time to trek in the forests in Goa or drive around the hilly areas in a convertible. Either way, the rains make Goa lush green and creates a scenic beauty, a treat for your eyes. This is also the best time to visit the spice plantations and make amboli waterfall trip.

6. Cleanliness

Goa is much cleaner in the monsoons than other seasons as rains wash away the dirt and filth you would generally witness during peak seasons when people carelessly litter on beaches and roadsides. There is no rush as of May month so less peoples are coming in goa. so the look of goa is very clean and peaceful. So you can enjoy this peaceful and calm environment in Goa.

7. River Rafting

If you are always amongst the ones who head out seeking adventure, visiting Goa in July would be the ideal choice. The rains are heavy, the rivers are rough, all signs for an exceptional and thrilling experience for river rafting in goa You can expect from grade 2 up to grade 5 class of rapids. Monsoon in Goa is the best time to try your hand in whitewater river rafting and up your rafting game in the pristine rivers of Goa.

8. No Waiting

Tourist spots, restaurants, pubs, and clubs or casino in goa are all packed during the peak seasons. But not in July. This is a time when you wouldn't have to wait for a table or pre-book it at restaurants. The dance floor would have enough space for you to show off your moves in clubs and there will be no line in ordering a drink at the bar.

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