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ASA Format


The ASA format is mostly used by the students of the sociological subjects and departments, the scholars, and the academics who deal in the studies that are related to sociology. It is certain that if a student fails to understand and use the correct approach towards the citation, it can lead to some major issues particular deductions in the marks, and discredits. For general information, it is inferred that the citation style is much similar to that of the APA citations, particularly in terms of the fact that both use parenthetical references that appear under the heading of references in the end. of precis.

      • The letters in the caps explain the first level headings
      • One should not use the bold font
      • There should not be an introduction heading
    Second-level heading
      • The second-level heading should be italicized
      • The title case i.e. the first letter of the words should be capitalized but not the preposition and the articles
      • Nothing should be written in bold font.
    Third level heading
    • The third level heading should be in italics
    • Only the first word should be capitalized
    • There should be a period at the end of the word
    • The beginning of the paragraph should be intended

General rules of ASA citation

There are a few simple and general rules that should be followed while writing in the ASA format

  • There should not be any first-person account in the paper
  • However, there can be exceptions when writing a reflective paper
  • As the paper will be referenced, the first-person account is neither justified and it will not make sense. Also, an opinionated paper doesn’t have any kind of citation so it will affect the credibility of the paper.
  • Always write in the first person, along with including the required jargon, however, the slags and common expressions should be excluded.
  • The use of terms such as verses and percent should never be written in abbreviations rather they should be spelled.
  • One must be very careful about the use of gendered terms, particularly when there is a specific analysis required to be done. Always make sure to see the non-gendered terms because it plays a central role in empowering credibility.
  • Always add the full name instead of the acronym, while adding an acronym, make sure to also add the full form and the full term. One must be very clear about using the right word and the right term.
  • Always make sure to add the required date but it is important to help locate the proper timeline.

In-text citations

As already stated, the citation style should be similar to the APA one, particularly in terms of the in-text citation. It will help to add information from different sources that can add to the underlying credibility of the paper as per the rule. Firstly, the last name of the author should be stated, along with the publication date.

There are some examples of the in-text citation

According to Jason (2019), the Japanese are more respectful towards others. Then, for the in-text citations at the end of the sentence, it should be The Japanese are more respectful towards others when compared to other nations (Jason, 2019).

When there are multiple authors, there will be a slight change in the citation.

For two authors it will be as follows

March & Spenser (1986) proposed the idea of starting an independent brand for the company.

The company came up with the idea of an independent brand pertaining to the competition in the market (Mark & Spencer, 1986).

For three authors, the citation will be as follows

Jacob et al., (2016) asserted the need of highlighting the underlying issues.

The need of identifying underlying issues was identified by many researchers (Jacob et al., 2016).

The same approach should be used for citing the quotations however, the citation of more than two or three lines should be written in the form of a block.

Reference page

The reference page should be started with the heading of “References” much like the APA formatting style. The references should be double spaced, and they should be handing intend. The first letter of the content words should be capitalized except for the prepositions and the articles. It is also important to note that the references should be placed in alphabetical order. There are certain aspects of the paper to be followed

  • The first name and the middle name should be included for almost all the authors
  • No matter how many times the author is repeated, the citation will be used in the same way.
  • Using multiple works of the same authors should all be cited with the changed year.

To cite the book, “the name of the author”, year of publication, italicized title, place of publication, and the name of the publisher

To cite the e-book: name of the author, year of the publication, title in the italics, the place of publication, name of publisher, and the retrieved from source.

To cite a journal article: name of the author, the year of publication, title in italics, and the name of the journal, its issuance number, and the page number that is added or consulted.

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