Commemorative Speech

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commemorative speech is also known as the epideictic speech or a ceremonial speech. It is defined as an address of honor that is meant to celebrate or praise the significance, contribution, or the importance of an event, idea, place, group, or institute. The speech is more likely meant for acknowledgments rather than just informing.

The beginning of the commemorative speech

Alike other pieces of work, the commemorative speech must be written with strong planning so that it can be delivered in an effective manner. If the underlying planning is effective, only then a meaningful speech can be written. Following are the steps that should be taken while writing the subject speech

    • Ideas should be brainstormed

The first step in writing is to think about the ideas that can be discussed. The ideas should be unique, and relevant, and only those subjects that should be discussed are worth a discussion. The content should be relevant to the mentality of the people so that it can inculcate the required feeling

    • The purpose should be identified

The next step in writing a commemorative speech is to identify the underlying purpose. It is inferred that the subject purpose should be communicated and the ideas should be collected that are relevant to the subject, and serve the purpose.

    • Important information should be gathered

The next step is collecting the relevant and important information that can justify the purpose. The information can be anything such as ideas, stories, or memories.

Outline of the commemorative speech

Alike other written material the outline of the speech should also follow the same template. It would not be wrong to say that the content should be understandable at max. The information can be organized by creating an outline, which then provides a structure to the speech.
Following are the parts of an effective outline

  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion

The introduction should be a brief representation of the occasion. In the introduction, the addressee will make the audience comfortable and relevant to the content. The introduction should be followed by the body of the speech in which all the facts, figures, and other relevant information can be added and communicated. The detail of the events and the ideas will lead to a conclusion because a sudden conclusion will obviously affect the quality of the work.

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