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Among the list of different speech types that students might be asked to write, one of the most common and ultimate types is "Informative speech". It is the type of speech that is delivered or designed so that the audience can be informed about a topic, in terms of relevant facts and figures. Usually, high school and college students are asked to write speeches of this type because it not only helps self-learning but it also helps students to learn something new and out of the box. The major aspect of these speeches is that, there is continuous use of vivid descriptions that can help complex topics become easy

What are the types of informative speeches?

Alike other speech types, there are further different types of informative speech. The types depend on the approach that is to be adapted for writing. In general, there are four different types of informative speech

    • Descriptive speech

It is defined as the type of speech that can help to create more of a vivid picture of the person, place, or event that is discussed. It is more like painting a picture with words

    • Exploratory Speech

The aim of this type of speech is to explain all the “how” and “why” aspects that are relevant to the topic.

    • Definition Speech

As the name indicates, the purpose of this speech is to show and explain the underlying meaning

    • Demonstrative Speech

It is one of the types of speeches that can help to describe a demonstration of the functioning of something

What makes informative speeches different from other types of speeches is the purpose, which is solely to inform here, rather than convince, argue, or persuade the listeners or the readers.

How can you write such a speech?

It is one of the most commonly asked questions that almost every student focuses on. When it comes to speech writing, about half of the credibility is linked with the delivery of the speech. Then, the remaining talent is linked with how someone writes. Collectively, a successful speech is all about good content that is presented in a more appealing manner.

    • Topic Selection

The very first element of speech writing is choosing a topic. One should always choose an interesting topic because the amount of attention given by readers and the audience matters a lot. Collectively, an interesting topic can also help to educate the audience in a better manner.

    • Creating an outline

The second step of writing an informative speech is creating an outline also known as a speech outline. The purpose of an informative speech outline is that it helps to keep the content organized which can in return help to maintain the coherence and flow of the topic. The important parts of the outline of the speech include the introduction, discussion, and conclusion. You can find any speech outline example on the internet. The informative speech outline examples are the first step to success in writing a full-length speech.

    • Writing an introduction

When a student is writing an introduction, it is important to ensure that the facts are compelling for the readers and inculcate and empower the student's interest in reading. However, it is also equally important to show the readers what the significance of the topic is, and how that topic can make a difference in the lives of the readers. The introduction should always end with a thesis statement in which the importance of the topic and the central agenda should be communicated. So, following are the points to consider

      • Start the introduction with a thought provoking idea or aspect
      • Identify and explain the central purpose of the speech. It should have one idea that is to be told to the audience.
      • There should be a thesis statement at the end that can help to guide the development of the paper, i.e. the speech.
    • Body

The central part of a speech is the "body". It can have multiple paragraphs ranging from 3 to 5 in total. There are some important aspects to be considered while writing the body paragraphs also, discussed as follows

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