In the Mahabharata, is Karna a hero or a Villain?

Posted by jaintanaya on August 2nd, 2022

Who in the Mahabharata is Karna?

Without a question, one of the Mahabharata's most endearing main characters is Karna.

Anyone who meets him will fall in love.

He has all the makings of a hero, but his mother, Guru, brothers, and even time have prevented him from having that opportunity.

His early years are marked by a series of terrible occurrences, while his later years are fraught with difficulties.

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From the time of his birth, his existence begins to lead up to his death.

Karna was born

The Princess of Kuntibhoj's decision to give in to her curiosity is where it all begins. The princess worked under Sage Durvasa when she was younger.

The Sage granted her the blessing to call a Deva and conceive a child in his form since he was impressed by her devotion.

Kunti's desire to test the Mantra was driven by curiosity. She then invoked the Sun deity by reciting the Mantra.

She was shocked and perplexed when Lord Surya suddenly materialised in front of her and felt forced to gift her a lovely boy.

Because of her anxiety that having a child before getting married would damage her and her father's reputations, Kunti put the boy in a basket and let the River Ganga decide how to move it.

The sun god granted the boy unbreakable armour and earrings in response to Kunti's request for him to be protected.

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