Microtomes/Cryostats and Automated Stainers Market Industry Current Trends, Opportunities and Challenges by 2031

Posted by Govind TMR on August 3rd, 2022

Microtomes are instruments that are used for making extremely thin sections of a specimen for applications in pathology or histology. A microtome comprises a blade holding unit and clamped blade. It also consists of an object clamp and an advanced procedure for adjusting section thickness. The blade used is made of glass, special metal, or diamond depending on the sample type and the desired thickness.

Saw microtomes are used for slicing hard and brittle materials such as teeth and bone. They cut through the sample by pressing the specimen across a recessed rotating saw. Sled microtomes keep the specimen in a fixed holder which moves back and forth across a blade or a knife. Rotary microtomes are designed to slice thin sections of specimen that are visible only with the assistance of a light microscope. 

Cryostat refers to ultrafine deli-slicer placed in a freezer. They are rotary microtomes for slicing samples that have been frozen in liquid nitrogen. Reducing the temperature of this nitrogenous chamber raises the sample’s hardness, which allows slicing the sample with very specific thickness. Microtome cryostat provides the most reliable method for obtaining permanent frozen sections of high quality. Cryostat are used in medicine for sectioning of histological slides. They are generally used in a process called frozen section histology.Automated slide stainer are used for routine staining of a multitude of slide racks with varying staining protocols. The desirable characteristics are high-throughput staining capabilities needed for a busy histology laboratory. They should also be suitable for Papanicolau staining and Hematoxylin and Eosin staining.

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