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While conveying information about recent activities, events, and plans along with sending important messages from top executives, companies use blogs. Most of the times, they use the textual information to convey information and send messages. In a changing scenario where everything is required instantly, videos blogging on the corporate website becomes an essential option. Conveying messages in a precise way and short duration will help companies in connecting with their potential and current customers. Following are some of the common themes used in video blogging on corporate websites:

Core values:

Conveying core values of an organization through corporate video blogging will connect with audience instantly. Showcasing what values are and how they are practiced through video is an easy way to convey what company stands for. Potential and current clients can relate to that and companies will be able to strengthen the relationship with them. As people do business with people, CEO can sit down, face the camera, and give information about its values. On the other hand, several clips can show how those values are practiced with CEO’s voice in the background. This would connect people with the business. The content will be more personal and engaging, so it will help in connecting people at a personal level.

Blending professional videos with user-generated videos:

Posting a video that is created professionally for the promotional purposes by the company and generated by the user will carry more weight. The content and cases produced by users are more influential as they are hand-crafted by users, so there is no exaggeration about services or products. This provides authenticity and people love authentic content. Moreover, making a professional video is also necessary to convey message and information about new products, services, or upgrades.

Customer experiences & feedback:

One of the most influential marketing tools is a testimonial of customers. Instead of posting their feedback through textual format, it can be posted in a video format. As potential clients can see customers personally and relate to them, it will be easier for people to connect with the brand. Telling real stories about using products and services and how they feel about them would help in creating a great impact and building trust.

Employee testimonials:

Along with posting videos about customer experience, it is important to convey insights about work culture and how employees feel about working in the organization. As customer insights are powerful, employee statements are helpful too. When employees are given a way to express their opinions, experiences, and insights, it shows that the company cares about their employees and their voice matters. This is one of the powerful strategies to convey the culture of a company to which customers can relate.

Video on corporate blog sites is an effective way to send a message and give information about recent events, activities, and customer experiences besides textual format. Being one of the leading branding agencies in Pune and gaining wide experience in creating corporate videos, Kaizen Design Studio helps companies in maintaining their blogs and creating videos to share their message with the world through storytelling and increase brand awareness through blogs.

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