Things you can do with a soil drying oven

Posted by PCTE on August 3rd, 2022

Soil samples are collected from sites. In most cases, samples are collected from different depths considering the project's initiation to be brought into lab. In the lab, the soil sample need to be process to a certain standard for lab test to be conducted. Comprehensive testing is done on soil samples to gather information regarding the structure and form of the soil particles.

Soil Drying Oven are used in the lab to prepare sample for testing. These ovens are designed by experts to meet the standard of lab testing.

Let us take a quick look at the uses of asoil drying oven.

Uses of a soil drying oven

A drying oven is devised to maintain proper circulation of hot air inside the enclosed area to ensure soil samples are dried correctly. A thermostat measures and maintains the temperature inside to archive accurate samples standard for lab testing purposes.

In the design of these ovens, a fan allows even circulation and distribution of hot air. It enables the soil sample to dry evenly throughout the area. Uniformly drying is necessary to generate similar results and get accurate reports from the sample. Major decisions will be made based on the outcomes of these lab tests. Hence, a soil drying oven is crucial in to process of preparing soil samples for lab tests.

The requirements of the soil sample are determined based on the ASTM, EN, and BS standards. The feasibility of a project depends on the standardization of the outcomes.

Final words

The design of a soil drying oven is to process and create the best sample for soil lab testing. It comes with a thermostatic control, temperature range, heater rating, and other necessary descriptions. Quality of drying oven is essential to archive good sample that meet the standard for lab testing.

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