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Posted by goaspeakers on August 3rd, 2022

GOA Speakers is one of the most renowned Christian speakers' agency in the country that could help organize events after getting in touch with current Pam Tebow’s Scheduling just for you. Many people are looking for Pam Tebow Booking Contact so that they can invite her. The Christian community is enthusiastic about booking Pam Tebow to make an appearance at their social and religious events as a guest speaker. She has a lot of inspiring stories that reflect the power of God in her world.

Pam Tebow is one of the most empowering mothers of our time. Not only is she a Keynote speaker but she is also a Pro-life advocate. She was brought up as an “army brat” and spent most of her early life moving from country to country. There was a significant amount of cultural knowledge gained with the constant travels around the world.

Pam had her mindset to achieving great heights of influence with a long list of accomplishments for her college resume. Ultimately, she was introduced to her husband Bob at the University of Florida while she was pursuing her honors degree in Journalism and Communication. Bob had enlighted Pam with the verses of the Bible. He had given her the basic foundation and reason to believe in God’s word. They were blessed with the opportunity to graduate together in 1971. With God’s blessings, they were also wed in the same year of their graduation.

Soon after, Pam and Bob spent most of their years as missionaries in the Philippines. The ministry is still running strong by the name of the Bob Tebow Evangelistic Association. They both had been devoting their time and efforts in the name of Christ. While they spent their time in the Philippines, Pam fell ill with amoebic dysentery. Amoebic dysentery is a deadly disease caused by drinking contaminated water. 

At that time, Pam was pregnant with Tim; the youngest son of the five. Being unaware of her pregnancy, the doctors had given her strong antibiotics as a treatment. The doctors had advised her to look the other way to avoid a life of struggle because it was feared that the antibiotics had damaged the development of the fetus.

That didn’t stop Pam and Bob to go against something they didn’t believe in. The trust and belief in Christ has always proved to be a blessing. Although Tim was slightly malnourished in the very early stages of his life, he now stands six feet tall and weighs 235 pounds. Tim was a quarterback champion for the Florida Gators. In fact, he was the first (ever) sophomore to win a Heisman Trophy, which is given to the most outstanding player in NCAA football every year.

Other than this pro-life decision that turned out to be a blessing in disguise, Pam often speaks about homeschooling. Pam is known as one of the pioneers of homeschooling. Pam and Bob were homeschooling their children even before the term was coined. They wanted their children to be nourished with the basic knowledge with a Christian foundation. The benefit of such homeschooling programs is that it offers an education with the uniformed subjects with the integration of Christian values. Homeschooling becomes an intricate part of the lives. It almost becomes a lifestyle choice that affects the way children perceive ideologies and thought processes. It is important to nourish the impressionable minds of the young.

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