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Posted by Marc Twain on August 3rd, 2022

The Remote Desktop Protocol, or what is known as RDP acronyms, is a very great way to work on a computer with very high specifications and a very high Internet, where the RDP when you buy it from a specific company makes you control a computer with the specifications you want from anywhere in the world, for example it can A person in Africa can buy access to a computer from a company in America and control the computer as he wants. So that it loads programs on it or uses it to upload files or anything it wants without problems such as weak Internet, and if you want to try a program also, you can try it or work with it if the program does not support the specifications of your personal device.

Among the uses of RDP is also the possibility of doing Streaming, as many who broadcast live on YouTube or other platforms use it due to the speed of the Internet, which reaches up to 1 gigabyte per second, and the owners of movie sites also use it to upload movies on their servers very quickly, especially since the movie files are Their sizes are large.

Among the uses of RDP is also access to sites that are prohibited in your country or use of services available for certain countries only, where the RDP is often in Europe or America, and therefore it is easy to use these sites whose services are limited in certain countries.

How to get free RDP with admin privileges

As we explained, RDP is a service provided by companies for a paid fee, whether monthly or annually, and the more specification the device you want to use is, the higher its monthly price will be. Later, to get a paid RDP with an internet speed of up to 1 GB, and very high specifications with admin privileges.

What do we mean by admin privileges on RDP devices?

The permissions of the admin or the permissions of the main user are meant whether your use of the RDP device is a main or sub-administrator. Only work with the programs available on the device without the possibility of downloading or removing any programs, and its use is limited to browsing the Internet only and downloading simple files such as videos or photos.

Most companies sell RDP services with limited powers. To buy RDP with full admin permissions, the price is doubled two or three times, but with the company that we will explain to you today, you can get RDP with admin permissions for free.

How to register in FreeRDP.One to get free RDP

First, we go to the company's website FreeRDP.One,  Choose your plan, after that, we will choose the type of RDP we want, its specifications, and the device to run it, it is Windows or Linux.

After choosing the package that we want, we will go to the tasks page through which we have to complete a specific task in the captcha to get the RDP for free, the captcha is a way in which the site certifies that you are a human being first and not a specific program trying to abuse the site by opening many free accounts, Tamm is a method of financing the site so that the captcha includes certain tasks for companies with which the site works, and the tasks are as follows

  • Register on a specific site
  • Enter your phone number
  • Answer to a survey
  • Download an app

Whatever is required of you, you have to complete it to the end in order to get the plan you chose for free for a whole year.

After completing a presentation of the offers or tasks that will appear to you, you will pass to the registration stage, through which you can register an account to control the RDP by e-mail and a secret code of your choice, your control panel will include the following

  1. The duration of the plan, which in this case is a full year
  2. RDP login information, including username and password
  3. Support page

To access your RDP, it is enough to search for a Remote desktop connection through the search bar on your Windows PC. The program was entered and the user name you obtained, and the password, so that you could control the RDP device you obtained.

That's all my brothers, I hope today's explanation is useful to you, if you have any questions leave them in a comment, good luck to all.

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