Chiropractic Care: List of Neck Conditions to Be Treated

Posted by Michael Whitehall on August 4th, 2022

If you want to choose a non-invasive treatment for your neck problems, make sure you have the best Kahului chiropractor who can treat you better. He is the person who shall reduce the pain and all other issues that are related to it. Some of the common neck conditions treated by him are:


Cervical Intervertebral Disc: This condition caused a lot of pain with no prior symptoms that can diagnose it earlier. The pain can range toward the arm, hand, and down the neck depending upon the condition. Sometimes it goes away on its own but sometimes it turns out chronic causing excruciating pain. So, no need to wait till the situation turns worse, check with the top chiropractor across your city and book an appointment now.




Whiplash: Commonly caused because of rear-ending car collisions, but can be due to physical abuse or sports injuries. The neck gets injured because there is a forceful back and forth movement that seems like a whip cracking. So, a chiropractor will provide you with the much-needed treatment plan that will help you with all that pain and uneasiness.


Cervical Sprain: Call it cervical sprain or tension or strain, it is all associated with the severe pain that people feel in their neck muscles, ligaments, and tendons. It also causes fatigue, stiffness, and a restricted range of motion. So, only a chiropractor can provide you with long-lasting relief from that pain. They shall show you some particular exercises that are best to relax the muscles, and ligaments and bring back the motion in your neck. You won’t feel any stiffness and discomfort while moving the neck.


Degenerative Joint: People who are diagnosed with degenerative joint syndrome in the neck are diagnosed with arthritis condition which is mainly because by the aging of the spine and degeneration of bones naturally. In that case, you can consult chiropractic care for neck pain and discomfort and take the chance to stay comfortable for long.


So, if you are having any of these issues or you feel constant pain in your neck, now you know where you have to go - Yes! You have to book a consultation with the best chiropractor in Maui.


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