Song Searches By The Client Vs. Song Searches By The Music Supervisor

Posted by Michael Welsh on August 4th, 2022

Some people consider music an important in everyday life. The Music is relaxing and a direct way to connect people with a sense of happiness. Music can trigger the memory. This is why many brands use music when it comes to advertising their services/products. Brands use many music platforms like Spotify to search for a song and use it in their marketing campaigns after getting approval. They have a marketing team to handle this task.

Advertising agencies work to find music for their commercials in a different way. Firstly, the song they think can work for them needs to be clear and licensed within a budget and deadline. They shortlist many tracks and then send a few ones to the client, then they choose the song.

But generally, song searching used to be an exclusive part of the job description of a music supervisor. When a song is searched thoroughly, it needs a lot of time. So, if the marketing department searches for a song, they have to devote more time to it. But if they are give this task to the music supervisor, then they can save their time. Music supervisors are experts, who have direct relationships with indie labels, major labels, and publishers. This relationship with big labels and publishers can save time and develop a more focused search. Of course, a music supervisor also uses many streaming platforms like Spotify to search for a song. This is how a music supervisor comes in handy when it comes to song searching. 

Millions of people license music, whether they are creative directors, music supervisors, editors, or agency producers. The indie/major labels are pushing their greatest artists to align a sync with a release schedule. They are looking to recapture advances and artist managers understand the value of a good sync placement both in promotion and revenue. So, when it comes to understanding the procedure of how music creatives and supervisors find their music is key to obtaining your music heard and synced.

How do music supervisors help to find music?

Music supervisors get plenty of music, which is sent from major labels or publishers, indie labels or publishers, self-managed artists, artist managers, or custom composers. Discovering amazing new songs is a part of a music supervisor’s job. They do not always get to listen to every track or read every email. So, if you are not pitching then the chances are you are not going to get heard. To identify whether your catalog gets fits into a TV show, you just need to listen to the songs, which are being licensed. Contact Michael Welsh Productions for more info.

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