The Ultimate Guide to Designing Your Dorm Room: Tips for making it your Personal Space

Posted by Emma John on August 4th, 2022

Did you think that your college dorm room would be a boring place filled with nothing but furniture? Think again! Even though it is not your permanent home, it is the first space that you get to make as cozy and personal as possible. This means that the dorm room should be designed so that you feel at home in no time. After all, this is where you’ll spend at least a third of your life from now on. With this in mind, we’ve put together some great tips on how to create the perfect design for your new home. You will have to share the space with other people and follow certain rules imposed by your college or landlord, but that does not mean you cannot make it feel like home. The trick is to find ways to customize the space without breaking any rules or spending too much money. Here are 11 tricks on how to design your dorm room so it feels like home:

Make a plan before you start decorating

Even though it is tempting to go wild with and patterns, you have to have a plan. Before you start decorating your dorm room, make a list of all the things you need and want for the space – from furniture to appliances. This way, you will avoid the “spur-of-the-moment” purchases that you will likely regret later. The last thing you want is to have too many items that take up too much space. Remember, your dorm room is likely to be small, so you will have to make every cubic inch count! Having a clear plan will also help you make smart decisions while shopping: instead of getting carried away with decorative items and pieces you do not need, you will stick to your list and walk out with only the essentials.

Go for full basics

Full basics and darks work best in dorm rooms. Dark items are more likely to show stains and dirt, while bright full items are easier to clean and can be refreshed with a new coat of paint from time to time. You can also use full accents, like throw cushions and soft fabrics, to create an interesting look. With this in mind, you can go for bold bedding and curtains if you are allowed to – these items are essential to decorate your dorm room, after all! You can also use full accessories and decorative items to add some brightness to the space: paint a wall in a fun, add full prints to your wall or choose decorative items in bright.

Add a dash of white to your bedding

If you want to add some to your dorm room, start with your bedding. People rarely think of bedding as a decorative item, but it is one of the most important elements in a dorm room. Bedding sets are easy to find and come in a variety of s and styles. Depending on the scheme you are going with, you will have a range of options to pick from. If you want to add some to the room, but don’t want to go overboard, full bedding is the way to go. It is an essential part of the dorm room decoration, anyway: it will make it much more comfortable and make you feel like you are at home. Remember: if you make the bed, you will spend less time in cleaning up and more time doing what you love.

Use storage space

It goes without saying that you will have a lot of things to store in your dorm room. You could try and put everything in a closet or a drawer, but this would only make the room feel more cramped. The solution to this is to use storage. Find space to put extra bedding, towels, and even extra chairs if you have a small space. Use the walls to hang up bookshelves and shelves filled with your favorite books, framed pictures, and other items that you want to display but that you don’t use on a daily basis. These will not only add to the aesthetic of the room, but they will also make it easier to clean and keep things organized.

Bring in nature – and light!

It is no secret that dorm rooms are not known for being the most attractive places. In fact, they are often so cramped and dark that they are not only uncomfortable, but they also lack any charm. To make your dorm room a more welcoming place, bring in nature: add plants to your space and make sure that there is plenty of light. If you have the option to pick the room with natural light, do it: it will make a huge difference. Plants are not only great for the health (which is important, too!) but they can also be great decorative items. You can also bring in extra light by adding lamps and other pieces of lighting.

Get comfy with soft furnishings and rugs

Rugs and soft furnishings not only make a room look cozy, but they also make it more comfortable, too. If you are allowed to have a rug in the room, this is a must-have item: it will not only add and style to your dorm room, but it will also make it easier to clean and much more comfortable to walk on. If you are allowed to have a rug, make sure that you get a stain-resistant one, as it is likely to get dirty quite quickly. Rugs are great decorative items that can also be useful – you can use them to make a sofa or chair look cozier and more welcoming. When it comes to soft furnishings, try to pick items that are easy to clean and can be washed from time to time (if they are not machine washable, make sure they are easy to spot-clean).

Add a splash of color here and there

If you are going for a monochromatic look, you don’t want to add too much color. However, if you are going for a more colorful look, feel free to go wild! Add brightly colored furniture, decorative items, and framed pictures to your room. You can also add color to your walls with posters and interesting decals. These are great decorative items that are easy to change and add a splash of color to any room. Even if a dorm room is small and confined, you can add color to make it feel more spacious. You can also make a room look larger by making sure that your pieces are well-spaced. You don’t want to jam-pack your room with items; instead, you want to make sure that everything has its place and is neatly organized.

Don’t forget the essentials!

Finally, when designing your dorm room, don’t forget the essentials. Make sure that your room is safe and has easy access to electricity and internet. Get a safe for your valuables, and make sure that your room is clean and clutter-free so that it is hygienic and comfortable to live in. If your room has a lot of natural light, make sure that it gets a lot of blinds, too – you don’t want people walking past to see what’s inside! Finally, make sure that your room is comfortable to live in. If you are allowed to paint the walls, choose a color that is neutral and easy to live with.

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