Yoga for Beginners: A Guide Book!

Posted by matiasives on August 4th, 2022

Breathe In! Breathe Out! 

While juggling immense amounts of workloads in life, all we seek is a moment of peace. Also, these days when most of us have a sedentary lifestyle, we are prone to chronic physical and mental diseases. These are why most health experts and enthusiasts recommend engaging in some kinds of sports or activities that make our lives active. But many of us do not feel like hitting the gyms, running every day, or doing weight training. And that can be for multiple reasons like health issues, major body-injury in the past, etc.

But staying active is important, so what’s the alternative? 

Well, originating in the Indian subcontinent during the Vedic Period (Rig Veda), Yoga has now become a global trend that has captured the attention of millions of health experts. Yoga is much more than a fitness regime. It helps you attune with your inner-self, aligning your energy and mind while ensuring that every organ in your body is revitalised. 

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