What is the principle of noise-cancelling earplugs?

Posted by qinaqians on August 4th, 2022

At present, there are actually two custom headphones with logo main types of noise-cancelling headphones, one is energy noise-cancelling headphones, and the other is non-aggressive noise-cancelling headphones. They can be quite different in terms of noise reduction fundamentals and noise reduction effects.

passive noise reduction

Non-aggressive noise reduction is also known as physical sound reduction. Its principle is simple and rude. It insulates the ear from extra noise from the entire practical properties of the interference reducing material. The principle is simple and clear, the cost is extremely low, and the high-pitched noise reduction effect is obvious. To put it bluntly, plugging your ears with your hands is considered non-active noise reduction. Such as in-ear and over-ear earplugs, these are passive interference reduction effects achieved through earplugs and earmuffs.

Active Noise Cancellation

Productive noise reduction actually takes advantage of the fact that sound waves may be canceled out. So snappy noise-cancelling earbuds accumulate an external noise signal throughout the microphone and then reverse noise surf the sound of the entire headphone in real time, canceling out the noise that falls into the ear canal. The reduced noise level is also determined by the reverse audio inflow.

While the concept of reducing productive distractions may seem simple, it faces a number of headaches, including the handling of blowing wind noise, the negative pressure effects of noise-cancelling earplugs, the seeming losses collected from sound-reducing MICs when playing music, reducing Optimization of noise algorithms, etc. So it's actually hard to thrive, which is why the best snappy noise-cancelling headphones on the market are terribly expensive.


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