6 types of binding for printing:how to choose?

Posted by fannyzeng on August 4th, 2022

hardcover book printingor magazine printing,or any printing project,choosing the right printing method will directly affect the final rendering effect of products.

There are many binding methods in book printing china,how to choose? Follow me,you will find out what kind of binding method is best for your project.

6 types of common binding methods:how to choose?

1. Saddle stitching

Fold the pages, use a wire stapler to bind the book block with the cover, and fix it with two or more saddle stitches. When binding, it should be considered that too many sheets of paper will be superimposed, which will cause the phenomenon of "edge squeeze". Too much paper will also affect the forming effect of printed products after binding. In short, the book cover is affixed with pages, the spine is stapled, and three sides are cut into a book.

Features: low cost, simple process, short lead time, easy to cross-page puzzles, book pages can be flattened, and easy to read.

Tips: The number of samples bound by saddle stitching should be a multiple of 4; when the gram weight of the cover and the inner page is quite different, the cover is easy to fall off from the binding after long-term use.

Suitable objects: corporate samples, brochures, contract agreements, exercise books, catalogue printing, etc.

2.Wire-O or spiral bound binding

Wire-O binding is a form of loose page binding. The binding method is to stack the cut pages neatly, then open a row of holes near the spine of the book block, finally install the ring (The shapes of the holes are round holes and square holes).

Application: suitable for office materials, profiles, personal materials, business books, training materials, conference materials, conference affairs materials, custom notebook printing, etc.

3.Sewn binding

It does not need to wrap the book in the whole paper, but separates the front and back into a front cover and a back cover, does not wrap the spine, cuts the top and bottom and the spine with a knife, punches holes and threads, and binds them into a volume. Thread binding should choose a slightly thinner paper with a softer texture. The position of punching holes and the way of threading can also be creatively changed according to needs, so that the catalog design not only retains the traditional characteristics of the threading process, but also has a modern and fashionable sense.

Application:suitable for printing contract, notebook, conference materials,etc.

4. Perforated binding

The catalogue design of perforated binding is elegant and high-end, and because of the beautiful binding changes, the catalogue design becomes intimate and warm, which is the most shocking of all binding methods.

Application: It is suitable for high-end bid binding, feasibility reports, design atlases, product albums, architectural decoration texts,photo book printing, etc.

5.Perfect binding

Assemble the booklet in the order of the pages first and then paste it, glue the spine and add the cover, and cut it into a booklet.

Binding pages: 40~400P.

Features: reasonable price, universal and exquisite.

Suitable for: thin corporate albums, tenders, high-end small albums,business catalogue and leather bound photo book printing, etc.

6. Case binding

Features: A binding method in which the pages are threaded together with a thread, and then the pages of the print are fixed on the spine with glue.

Advantages: When the book block is glued and fixed with lines, the content of the book can be fully displayed when the book is opened.

Applicable: suitable for custom hardcover book.

Where can you give the best professional binding idea?

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