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Uday Homz fraud company specialized to fraud their Clint and not paying any sala

Posted by udayhomzfraudcompany on May 28th, 2016

: Uday homz is one of the fastest growing betray dishonest real estate company and they sold out many fraud property in Gurgaon and Noida.  many innocent customers was stitched up by fraud and fake real estate company Uday Homz Pvt Ltd. this company is completely dishonest, welsh cheat, diddle, kid, double cross and hoax as well to in real estate market.

Office Address: C-72 , Ground Floor sector 2 Noida 201301 ( UP)

 Uday Homz Fake and Fraud PVT LTD, a leading real estate consultancy company, has announced the opening of their new office at C-72 Ground floor, Sector 2, Noida.

It is an attempt to expand the existing their fraud business to thugs the people easily by their fraud gossip.

Uday Homz Fake and Fraud PVT LTD are hiring the new member for their company because they don’t release the salary of their old employee and also fire them without payment any wages as well as no termination notification. With new members who are becoming a part of this company never join to burst your future and valuable time. This company completely sale the property fraudly and not pay the salary to their employee.

Finally conclusion of this fraud real estate company is that they don’t provide the property to theire customer and nor provide the salary to their employee

They say that they are acting on ideal platform for offering property investment solutions to the potential buyers and investors to trap the innocent customer but reality is not exist for them.

Their main aim is to sell the fake property and provides the fake document to satisfy the customer to win their confidence that they are come up with good organization of real estate.

But at the time of project possession most of their clients not get the possession and found that they are thugs and blackmail by the scammer of real estate by the name of uday home fraud real estate Company which is directed by to Mr Gaurav Yadav.

So that many of their customers have been done FIR and file case again them in labor court as well as consumer court. They have no ideology and vendor contract to the builder and are very dangerous people for blackmailing to take the valuable amount of money.

 They are also succeeding in their bloody trick therefor they are looking to open a new office in Noida to doing the fraud for the people. So be aware and safe by Uday Homz Pvt Ltd Company Real Estate Fraud Company Noida to save your family future.

Office Address: C-72 , Ground Floor sector 2 Noida 201301 ( UP)

Also be aware to join this company as an employee because Uday Homz Pvt Ltd Real Estate Fraud fake scammer dishonest Company Gurgaon will lost their time and will not pay you any perks.

Hope you all reader will understand above said and will be safe in future.

Fraud and fake real estate Company Uday Homz Pvt Ltd

Fake Fraud Scams in Real Estate Uday Homz Pvt Ltd Company

Uday Homz Pvt Ltd Company Real Estate Fraud Company Noida

Uday Homz Pvt Ltd Real Estate Fraud Company Gurgaon

Uday Homz Pvt Ltd Real Estate Fraud fake scammer dishonest Company Gurgaon


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