Why Choosing Pipe Freezing is the Best Option for Piping Isolations

Posted by Wellube on August 4th, 2022

Pipe Freezing is another method of repairing pipelines or performing extensions to them while isolating the pipelines.

Pipe Freezing is an innovative method for repairing and adding new pipes in the oil and gas industry. In this process, the pipe is cooled externally below the freezing point of the fluid. Once it comes below that, the fluid present inside the pipe freezes, and one can quickly stop the flow. With the help of this procedure, small portions of pipes can be easily repaired without disturbing the whole pipeline.


Mechanism Of Pipe Freezing

Here is the process of how pipe freezing works on oil and gas pipelines:

  • At first, the temperature is reduced to below freezing point. It has to be ensured that the freezing point of all liquids is not the same. Thus, a fixed temperature can not be used to freeze all liquids. 
  • Secondly, liquid nitrogen is applied to freeze the liquids flowing in the pipeline. The same type of refrigerant is not used for all and thus varies from fluid to fluid.
  • Once the cooling process starts, the fluid solidifies to form an ice plug. The Frozen fluid then creates a significant blockage which disables the flow of fluid through it. 
  • Once the blockage is formed completely, the pipes are cut and removed.

Time required for Pipe Freezing

The time required for pipe freezing depends on several factors. But the most critical factor is the diameter of the pipe. Bigger the diameter, the more time it takes to freeze the fluid and stop the flow. Generally, a pipe with ½’’ to 30’’ is perfect for pipe freezing. Pipes with a diameter bigger than 30’’ take a longer time and need certain refrigerants and equipment for freezing. 

Benefits of Pipe Freezing

Pipe freezing is a much better alternative that can be used to repair pipelines. Pipe freezing works at a low temperature that ensures perfect safety for workers. Using this method, any small leakage can be fixed without shutting down the entire pipeline.

Compared to Hot tapping, it is much safer and easier for workers. Plus, it ensures a low setup cost and easy methods compared to hot tapping, which may lead to fire breaking or any more severe disaster. 


Pipe freezing has emerged as the best alternative for pipeline works. It has ensured a much more beneficial method to fix any pipeline within no time. With so many plus points, it has some limitations, but they can be looked down upon. With overall performance and reliability, we can say that pipe freezing is the best option for pipe isolation.

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