What is NISM Certification and How to Register for It

Posted by zfunds on August 4th, 2022

NISM or National Institute of Securities Markets is a public trust established by SEBI (the Securities and Exchange Board of India) in 2006 to aid in enhancing the quality standards in the securities market. For this purpose, the organization has rolled out various certification exams that are mandatory for different professionals in the securities markets. Moreover, NISM also offers CPE or Continuing Professional Education programs for varied individuals in the securities market intermediaries. This article will answer your questions like what is NISM certification, how to get NISM certificate and more. Let’s begin! 

What is NISM Certification? 

NISM conducts various certification exams for different participants of the securities market as well as intermediaries as per the guidelines and policies established by SEBI. But NISM certification courses are not just for fulfilling the minimum eligibility criteria for a career in the market. Anyone who is interested in learning about or enhancing their knowledge of the Indian securities markets can also register with NISM and take the exam. In addition, anyone can register for the exam, irrespective of age or educational qualification. 

How to Register for an NISM Certification Examination?

If you are interested in forging a career in the securities market, then you must be wondering how to get NISM certificate. Well, you can visit the official NISM website and create an account. After your account is created and verified, you can book your certificate exam. Once you have cleared the exam, you can find your certificate on the NISM website itself. 

What are the benefits of NISM Certification? 

The most significant benefits of NISM certification are: 

  • Job Opportunities: An NISM certification opens doors to career opportunities in the securities market. You can find a role based on the certification course. 

  • Knowledge: These certifications and exams can help you enhance your knowledge about how these market function. 

  • Study Material: By applying for a certification exam, you also get easy access to study material which you can easily download. 

  • Certification: An NISM certified individual has a lot more credibility in the market compared to an uncertified one. Thus, you can easily apply for different roles in companies and kick-start your career. 

Moreover, there are various mutual fund distributors that can help you get NISM Series VA Mutual Fund Distributor Certification for free. Also, you can visit the official NISM website for the latest and most accurate NISM course details.

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