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Posted by Rojain on August 4th, 2022

No website can stand without a strong backbone, And the strong backbone is SEO. Welcome to the ** Seodity review ** The software lets you build your website backbone. 

Have you experienced a drop in website ranking but cannot identify the root cause? Are there issues with SEO on your website? Do you want to examine your competitors' website reports and keyword rankings? Do you want a single tool to address your SEO problems and offer you a SERP rank? Would you like to see where your keywords rank?

Because they don't know how to rank on SERP, 60% of new company websites fail. Additionally, they fail to recognize the actual SEO problem. Most business owners use SEO to boost their website's organic traffic. But they fail to discover the proper route. How is that possible if you receive all of your SEO reports in one location? If you want to improve your website's ranking and organic traffic, I offer the most effective method.

Here, I'm pleased to present you to << SEODITY >> the leading SEO tool that enables you to perform site audits, track rankings, build backlinks, and more. You can perform an SEO Audit in Seodity and find out what problems you need to address. Seodity will also explain how to remedy any flaws it finds. Use data explorer as well for sophisticated SEO analysis. I'll tell you everything there is to know about Seodity in this review. Therefore, don't waste any time. Let's begin.

What is an Anny Trade? How Does It Work?

A fully working SEO tool that benefits both small and large enterprises is Seodity. Seodity provides end-to-end solutions for Web Apps. This online SEO system's Content Management, Rank Tracking, Auditing, Keyword Tracking, and Competitor Analysis functions are all accessible from a single spot.

Web administrators may quickly evaluate SEO parameters with Seodity, a great tool. It shows all the data that a trustworthy SEO checking tool should show. The length of the Title and the Description are displayed, among other information about each page. Include social media metrics from Pinterest and Facebook.

The SEODITY tool notifies users when there is a problem with the website and can check downtime from various locations. Based on Google Lighthouse, SEODITY provides a complete analysis of a website's effectiveness. It offers added features, including a duplicate title checker, website performance testing, and backlink research to entice users to web pages and boost ranking.

Seodity Review Pros and Cons

In this part of the Seodity review, I share the Pros and cons of this software. That will help you to get more information about this software. And, you can make a better decision for your business. 


  • Free trial and free version

  • Multiple payment options

  • Budget-friendly, pay at one time

  • Mobile app on android and ios 

  • User-friendly easy to use dashboard

  • 24/7 support with support documentation

  • Live chat support

  • Give you details information 

  • Unlimited domains

  • Integration with GA4


  • Revenue management feature missing.

  • No Webhooks

  • No RSS feed

  • Take a little bit of time to crawl

How can you grow your business using Seodity?

Performance analysis: Utilize the performance analysis provided by Seodity to raise your Google ranking. An in-depth study on a website to find out how well it has been optimized and what you could improve it is known as SEO. You can expand your business with the use of performance analysis.

Google Lighthouse: The autonomous Lighthouse service from Google helps users improve the quality of their websites. This function is part of the Seodity platform, making it simple to enhance your web pages.

Get insightful performance metrics: Seodity includes detailed metrics and diagnostics data. You will be fully aware of how to enhance the functionality of your website.

Accessibility: here, you can see how to make your website more usable and accessible so that everyone may use and benefit from it.

Complete SEO audit: With Seodity, you can find out how optimized your website is and what needs to be fixed. 

How do you become helpful using Seodity?

Content explorer: In the current snapshot, content explorer displays the objects with a sensitivity label, a retention label, or classified as sensitive information categories in your company.

Explore the most popular web pages for content ideas: Utilizing Seodity, you may locate websites with high estimated traffic volumes to learn more about the type of content currently working well online.

Sort and filter results quickly: Seodity aids your search for ideas by filtering and sorting webpage results.

Save your favorite web pages: Want to go back to a particular URL? You may easily find those websites by adding them to your favorites.

How can you make more money using Seodity?

Organic Traffic: More customers equal more revenue. Organic traffic also called free traffic, is the term for website visitors who find your site through unpaid channels. Seodity provides you with all the tools required to analyze your website traffic. The devices will aid your competitive analysis—four measures to boost organic traffic.

Check your website's organic traffic: With Seodity, you can determine which keywords provide the most organic traffic. You can evaluate them in terms of potential using the Search Volume column. Using presents, you may decide which words are crucial for your business.

Analyze your competitors' organic traffic: Seodity will reveal the strategies used by your competitors to top search engine results. It is an imperative action. Enter the URL of your rival or create a new project using their domain. You'll discover details regarding the marketing strategies employed by your competitors.

Use the best data in your marketing strategy: You can export and use every piece of information that Seodity provides. It is also the most straightforward approach to help your marketing team or any independent contractors who work on your behalf.

Track the top keywords to react to any changes: The last thing you should do is consistently keep an eye on the top-ranked keywords. Use the Rank Tracker tool for this. It will inform you of every change via the Rank Tracker. You'll be able to evaluate your performance compared to your rivals. This way, you won't be ranked lower than your rivals again.

How Does Seodity Differ From Alternative Tools?

Rank Tracker: Rank tracking keeps track of how well your website performs when a specific keyword enters a search engine. Does it appear on Google's home page? Does it come up in searches for pictures or videos? Plus, more. You cannot get this feature for this price from any other software.

Get accurate SERP ranking anywhere in the world: To discover where your company ranks on Google's search engine results page, select the region or location where you conduct business (SERP).

Track keyword positions across multiple devices: Learn more about how your organization uses keywords on various platforms, including desktop and mobile.

Monitor your competitors: Do you care how your competitors are doing? We can track this automatically, making it easy for you to understand the benefits and drawbacks of their SEO strategies.

Get SERP position history: View your earlier rankings to observe how they have evolved. You are free to go as far back as you like.

Seodity review Premium Key features

Here Seodity review in this part, I discuss high ticket features that help you know the critical component of idle SEO software.

  • Domain Overview

  • Organic traffic

  • Paid traffic

  • On-site

  • Content explorer

  • Rank tracker

  • Keywords research

  • Backlink

  • Integration

  • Auditing

  • Competitor analysis

Seodity Review Appsumo Deal Feature 

In this Seodity review, I share some crucial Seodity APPSumo deal features that help you know what the APPSumo marketplace offers. 

  • Lifetime access to Seodity

  • All future Agency Plan updates

  • No codes, no stacking. Choose the plan that's right for you.

  • You must activate your license within 60 days of purchase.

  • Ability to upgrade or downgrade between 5 license tiers

  • GDPR compliant

  • 60 days money back guarantee for any reason

Why do you need to use Seodity?

On-Site and data explorer: You may view all of your website's data with the on-site data explorer function. Verify the validity, bugs, and more of your website. An SEO mistake checker helps increase your website's ranking and organic visitors.

Uncover all potential site issues with an SEO audit: To identify potential website issues, Seodity will check more than 100 factors that affect where your website appears on the Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

Get exact instructions on how to fix site issues: If Seodity detects a problem, we'll provide comprehensive advice on how to fix it based on recommendations offered by Google.

Use Data Explorer for advanced SEO analysis: With Seodity, you may utilize complex options like filtering. You can use this to customize your search results. For instance, look through each alt tag that has your term.

Conduct brief and simple content analysis: Creating content for SEO has never been easier. Using Seodity, you'll easily access the most used terms on your web pages.

Why do I personally recommend you to use It?

Keyword Research: Conducting keyword research involves locating and examining search terms that individuals enter into search engines. It uses the data for a specific objective, typically search engine optimization (SEO) or all-around marketing. Seodity can help you learn more.

Discover the keywords your website already ranks for on Google: Once you provide merely your domain name, Seodity can swiftly determine every keyword your website currently ranks for on Google's Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

Find the most cost-effective keywords: To get the most out of your investment, use popular search terms with a low cost per click. Our tool allows you to sort and filter each term's additional data.

Find out which keywords your competitor ranks for on Google: It can do the same to uncover the terms your competitors' webpages are ranking for on Google. Enter their domain name to start examining their rivals.

Search for related keywords: To widen your strategy, look for those similar to the one that will work for you.

Check the Google Ads rate for your keywords: Find out how much each keyword costs on Google Ads to maximize the effectiveness of your sponsored and organic search strategy.

Search for keywords in various ways: You can find keywords with Seodity by employing keyword suggestions, ideas, and other techniques.

Why Must you need to buy Seodity?

Backlinks, also known as inbound links, incoming links, or one-way links, are links that lead from one website to a page on another website. Google and leading search engines see backlinks as "votes" for a specific page. In organic search results, pages with plenty of backlinks often perform better. Seodity aids your efforts to build backlinks.

  • Discover and build the most effective backlinks

  • Explore your website's history of backlinks

  • Sort and filter backlinks quickly and easily

  • Find out which anchor text is leading to your website

  • Identify the source domains of your website visitors

  • Save your favorite backlinks

You can view your purchased traffic report with Seodity as well. You may monitor which keywords generate the most clicks. Which keywords are more profitable for you? You can also look at the traffic report generated by your rivals.

Which should you choose: monthly payments or lump sum payments? Make a single payment rather than monthly ones. You must pay 7 yearly and monthly if you choose the Seodity monthly package. It appears expensive, but if you get the Seodity appsumo lifetime offer right now, you only need to spend once to access Seodity's lifetime benefits. It could be a great chance to purchase this fantastic offer. After closing this deal, you must pay 8. Appsumo, however, offers a 60-day money-back guarantee for any reason. With every Seodity appsumo plan, you also receive lifetime updates, which is excellent. It would be best if you moved quickly before the deal expires. Buy Seodity now, and you will remember me forever for offering you this deal.

Get your discount with the Seodity APPSumo Deal.

  • Visit the ** Seodity Review Lifetime Deal ** page.

  • After redirecting the page, wait for some seconds, and you can see a discount popup will appear.

  • Enter a new or unique email address to receive this exclusive offer.

  • Continue with the same email id.

  • You get at the end.

  • This offer will be valid for new users only.

Seodity APPSumo Deal pricing

 All features above included

 2,500 webpages

 300 keywords

 Ten competitors

 20,000 backlinks

 250 on-demand on-site analyses per month

 250 on-demand Lighthouse analyses per month 

The price starts at . But, buy through my link and get a discount.


In conclusion, Seodity might be your top option if you aren't regularly watching keywords, checking backlinks, and resolving site difficulties. You can keep track of all your SEO efforts with Seodity using a single dashboard. That raises your SERP ranking.

If you think this Seodity review is helpful, join us. Here you get regular updates on the digital products. If you have any problem or need any help, contact me. I'm always ready to help you out with all your problems. My best wishes are always with you, my friend. However, I want to see you become more successful very soon—best regards from ROJAIN. 



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