The basic principle of endoscopy is

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It consists of endoscope for sale three methods, speculum system, picture display system and illumination method. In the commonly used electronic endoscope, the body is extended into the patient's body, and multiple catheters are juxtaposed, including brightness fiber content, impression transfer eye fiber, air transfer funnel, ordinary water transfer funnel, musical instrument funnel, etc. Accuracy is quite high and requires collaboration in multi-professional career fields.

Speculum process: including handle and body. The mirror body is mainly composed of objective lens, imaging element, eyepiece, illuminance coefficient and auxiliary aspects.

Image display mode: Early endoscopes or solid endoscopes used direct fluoroscopy, while recent electronic endoscopes usually consist of CCD/CMOS optoelectronic devices, displays, personal computers, and impression processors.

Lighting system: is the lighting source, light transmission, etc. The light sources used in the earliest endoscopic devices were mild light sources such as sunlight, kerosene lamps, platinum cable loops, small incandescent lamps, etc. It is easy to cause body burns, and a drinking water cooling system must be built. Now, cold light sources are usually used, mainly in LED light, argon lamps, halogen lamps.

Medical endoscopes are classic optics, ergonomics, accuracy and precision machines, modern gadgets, mathematics, software program testing equipment. It is mainly composed of image detector, visual camera lens, light source lighting, mechanical device and so on. The system makes a small surgical incision, cooperates with the endoscope to enter the body, and appropriately formulates an ideal treatment plan. According to the collected research data, health care endoscopes are mainly divided into the following two categories:

Rigid tube endoscope: It is not flexible and enters sterile human cells, internal organs and clean and sterile compartments through medical incisions, mainly including laparoscopes, thoracoscopes, arthroscopes, etc. Challenge Wall Scope.

Tube endoscope: It bends freely into the body. The long life of the mirror body includes versatility, longer optical signal transmission time, smaller diameter of the lens system mounting part, complexity of integration with the work, and higher innovation in design methods and development techniques. There are many technical obstacles, such as gastroscopy, colonoscopy, bronchoscopy, etc.


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