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Posted by Athirah on August 5th, 2022

Graphic design for a visual identity
A brand identity is the way an organization's management communicates through the company's essence, personality, and tone as well as through memories, feelings, and experiences. Graphic design's visual identity is exactly like the visual components of other brand identities that can convey traits through pictures, shapes, and colours.

Graphic design for advertising and marketing
Considering that the majority of Malaysians believe that graphic design is always visual content. Graphic design marketing and advertising aid businesses in more efficient communication and promotion. To establish marketing strategies, marketing designers collaborate with business owners or brands.

Designing user interfaces visually
The way a user interacts with a tool or application is known as the user interface, or UI. All of the screen, keyboard, and mouse interactions that a user has are part of the user interface (UI). The user interface (UI) design is primarily concerned with how the user will perceive screen graphic components like buttons, menus, and micro-interactions.

Graphic design for publications
Publications are a form of audience communication that use a public distributor. However, digital publication has recently made more strides forward. Publication-specific graphic designers collaborate with make editors and publish to produce layouts using their artwork. Additionally, photographers who work as freelance publication designers.

SurfLoft Sdn Bhd is a creative design company in Malaysia with expertise in both digital and graphic design. In order to fulfil your high standards, SurfLoft Sdn Bhd has a wide range of design capabilities, including corporate design, company profiles, brochures, catalogues, booklets, flyers, and copywriting.

Further infomation about design service : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Service_design

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