What is the role of the LED display?

Posted by qinaqians on August 5th, 2022

1. Play a role in setting off the atmosphere. In addition to meeting speeches on cob led display important occasions, testimonial speeches by excellent managers or professional recommendation speeches by friends, they are broadcast through the LED display.

2. Popularization of professional knowledge, that is, through the company's product information, product marketing and other knowledge. Advertising and marketing, etc. Executive lighting, optional component. Participate in store decoration and improve some business levels. Play the role of product or service promotion to attract consumers.

3. Great perception effect: The light transmittance can reach 50-90Pct depending on the point spacing of the transparent LED display. Perspective Using the Effect Viewpoint feature, it's nearly impossible to see the presence of Leds through your breed. The lighting of the glass curtain wall is not affected.

4. Simple metal building construction is essential and saves you a lot of money: the system is light in weight and always easy to locate, which will save you a lot of installation costs.

5. Convenient and fast care: indoor care is fast and harmless, guarding manpower and fabric assets.

6. It is beneficial to save the production cost of lighting effects: if the additional mug curtain wall surface display (transparent display) can save most of the lighting equipment on the outer surface, it is more attractive to combine with the guide display, which can help save money and have Advertising and Marketing Advantages.

7. Energy saving and environmental protection: its own potential energy power is small, and the standard power consumption is below 280W/㎡, which requires the conventional cooling method and the cooling and heating system of the air-cooled unit to be unstable. The huge blue ocean market brought by LED display.

Including accelerated marketing applications such as frame intelligence, smart light poles and overweight poles, accelerated IoT positioning, increased urban digitization, increased purchasing wise public support strategies, marketing computerized transformation of general public facilities, and building smart individual hospitals, smart rational, The digital demonstration of a number of computer software conditions, such as smart old-age care and smart community, reveals huge market demand.


ufacturing process of LED exhibits under COB

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