Why Might You Look To Our 60gsm Sewing Pattern Printer Paper

Posted by Liz Seyi on August 5th, 2022

If you are a pattern maker with an interest in finding the right printer paper rolls for the creation of sewing patterns, you likely have good reason to carefully consider our 60gsm semi-opaque inkjet sewing pattern paper.

Indeed, you will find an entire section of our store here at Prizma Graphics dedicated to this paper, which we supply on both 2” and 3” cores, in a variety of widths such as 610mm, 841mm, 914mm, and 1067mm.

Nor will you have to worry about the compatibility of this paper with your printer, as it has been tested and shown to be usable with any mainstream dye or pigment inkjet printer, including HP DesignJet, Epson, and Canon IPF, TM, and TX machines.

But what else helps make this 60gsm sewing pattern printer paper so relevant and effective for multiple potential applications?

An excellent choice for line colour and monochrome printing

Whichever dimensions you purchase these printer paper rolls in, you will receive a lightweight, semi-opaque white grade paper that lends itself beautifully to monochrome printing and is effective at holding line colour.

This CAD report grade paper is a highly versatile choice of paper; you may be drawn to it after first considering tracing paper, except that this is a smooth white paper with a uniform composition. By comparison, tracing paper is translucent, but grey in appearance.

In common with tracing paper, however, this paper does allow a degree of ‘show through’, so it can certainly be used for tracing and underlays.

Many of our customers who purchase this lightweight paper are pattern makers who wish to use it in the creation of sewing patterns, although it is also frequently chosen by those intending to take advantage of its semi-translucent quality to produce check plots and copies with a dyeline printer.

Get in touch with the Prizma Graphics team for more tailored advice

So, are there any obvious circumstances that come to mind in which you would be advised not to buy this particular 60gsm paper?

Well, yes; if, for instance, you anticipate that your prints will be subjected to a significant amount of handling and scanning, we would point you in the direction of a heavier 80gsm or 90gsm uncoated plotter paper, which will offer greater durability.

On the other hand, the lighter weight can provide an advantage in the form of lower postage costs if you expect to distribute your drawings through the mail. So, as ever with these things, it will be crucial to carefully consider your exact priorities in arriving at a decision.

And if you are still unsure which printer paper rolls from our vast on-site range might be the optimal choice for the application you have in mind, please remember that the Prizma Graphics team is available to advise and assist! Simply call 01296 393700 for all the specific advice and information you will need to guide your choice.


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