Role of a Managed IT Service Provider in Marietta and Atlanta, GA

Posted by Jordan Boyd on August 5th, 2022

Running a business successfully is challenging. One cannot hope to breeze through it continuously. Most business owners feel bogged down by the additional pressure of using and managing several technological tools. The best way to continue dealing with the daily tasks related to the primary operations while ensuring that the systems work perfectly is to outsource the tech necessities to a reliable managed IT service provider in Marietta and Atlanta, GA.

While such a decision aims to make life easier for the company employees, most of them wonder about what such a third party can do for them. One would have to delve into the facts and understand what managed IT services are concerned about. It suffices to know that managed IT includes all information technology-related tasks along with the provision of support services. The responsibility is usually handed over to a third-party company that has both the expertise and experience of providing 24X7 monitoring of the sensitive hardware & software as well as the storage services. The primary role of the said company is, by and large, a proactive one. Troubleshooting and repairs are carried out as needed but discretely. The business owner or employees of the main company is usually unaware of the nitty-gritty related to IT services.

The services provided are not identical for all companies, however. Ordinarily, a company that opts to outsource IT management to a third party is relieved of the responsibility of constantly monitoring the systems. The third-party does it from a remote location, thus saving space for the office employees who do not have to make any special arrangements for the new party. Managed video conferencing issues are also solved by the company that deals with IT management. In contrast, maintenance of various collaboration tools and servers, as well as cloud-based storage and cyber security, is guaranteed by the concerned third party.

True, outsourcing managed IT services to another company comes at a cost. However, such a move is beneficial for the company as it does not require setting up an IT Department, thus incurring costs for recruitment and training. Some of the other associated benefits that are enjoyed by the business owner include:

Single Point Service- When all IT-related services, including management of systems and monitoring them, are handled from a remote location, the full-time employees of the company do not have to worry about operating the tech tools or networking systems. Data storage and cyber security are assured when the third party takes over too.

Stability- With the systems, data, and networks being handled remotely, the professionals providing virtual support from a remote location will be sure t follow the International standards meticulously. Data breaches and hacking into storage facilities are rare in such a scenario. The systems and essential data remain safe & secure even when there is a power outage due to a natural disaster at the business location.

Proper IT service management in Atlanta and Marietta, GA, is essential for ensuring business success by using technology perfectly.

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