How To Ensure Proper Stairlift Installation in Doylestown and Plymouth Meeting, PA

Posted by stairliftmedicsmd on August 5th, 2022

A homeowner finds it easier to reach the upper floor and access all parts of the dwelling place when the problem of navigating the stairs is eliminated. True, having a home elevator can be ideal, but few individuals have the financial ability to install it. A perfect alternative to overcome mobility problems caused by advanced age is to think of installing a quality stair lift. Such a move helps the user to become independent regardless of physical problems perpetrated by age or illness.

Sadly, even the best mechanical product is susceptible to wear & tear. Accidents can also occur with certain parts of the stair lift, thus compromising its functionality. While it helps to go through the user manual and decipher the error codes when the stair lift fails to function properly, quick fixes are not the solution. Instead, contacting the manufacturer or a recognized dealer for stairlift repair in Norristown and King of Prussia, PA, can help in solving the issue speedily.

A professional technician who arrives to inspect the compromised stair lift and make suitable repairs would be able to identify the core issue and address it alacrity. Some of the tell-tale signs that require proper intervention and solution ASAP include the following:

Improper Functionality- The consumer would be the first to notice the issues. A stair lift that stops suddenly or climbs at an exceedingly slow rate is cause for concern. Placing a request for repair and resolution without wasting a minute will have the company send a skilled technician to look into the issue. The underlying problem may be solved perfectly by replacing the internal batteries. Sue, this seems to be an easy task but attempting to do it without the requisite expertise is a strict no-no.

Visible damage- There is enough reason to be alarmed when the stair lift reveals signs of wear that is apparent immediately. If there are cracks on the seat or the armrest is broken, it would be foolhardy to use the lift without repairing the damaged parts first. This is not a DIY task, however. The professional will check the parts carefully and strive to repair the damage. The entire seat or armrest may be replaced if the damage is too extensive. Furthermore, the said technician will inspect the stair lift by testing it for functionality before declaring that the repairs have been successful.

Unnatural Sounds- A stead beep or occasional beeping sound is no reason to sit up in alarm. It indicates that the power source is faulty. One may plug the device properly to have the device function ideally. A scrapping sound suggests that the internal parts are misaligned or the rollers have worn out. Contacting a technician would be advisable in such circumstances.

Exposed wiring- The stair lift should appear perfect despite being used extensively. Signs of exposed wiring equal trouble. It could lead to tripping of the circuit or sudden stoppage of the chair in between two floors. Having a professional attend to it urgently will solve the issue.

It is best to contact an experienced company when it is time for stairlift installation in Doylestown and Plymouth Meeting, PA, instead of buying the device from a single individual with no credentials.

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