Facts About Concierge Dent Repair in Dallas and Plano, TX

Posted by Metro Dent Hail Repair on August 7th, 2022

Being caught in a hail storm in the middle of nowhere can overwhelm one with anxiety. Unfortunately, hail leaves tiny dents all over the vehicle's body. Similar damages occur when the automobile is hit with debris from the side of the road or is involved in a minor accident. Trying to ignore the nicks, dings, and dents is not a good idea, though. It is essential to have the damaged areas repaired at the earliest, so there are no issues during driving or enhanced risks to the passengers.

Driving into the nearest body shop and requesting concierge dent repair in Dallas and Plano, TX, can be particularly helpful. It is essential to know about the inclusions within such specialized services. Needless to know, the term concierge service refers to something more than the bare minimum. A car owner who asks for it will be in for a treat as all of the following will be provided by expert automobile technicians.

Emergency Towing- No worries! The person stranded in a remote location following a mishap or breakdown does not have to walk for miles in the hope of help. Instead, placing a call to a reputable body shop will do the trick. It is interesting to note that concierge service also includes emergency towing of the damaged vehicle. Several shops also offer towing services for free, provided they do the required repairs.

Pick Up & Drop - Continuing with life without having the car handy is tough. Sadly, one does have to suffer the consequences when the vehicle is damaged due to an accident. Sure, many individuals have multiple cars at home and can easily use an alternative vehicle until the primary automobile is repaired. The car owner will have to make arrangements to return home from the accident spot. Thankfully, the garage that provides concierge service will be too pleased to pick up the car owner and drop the individual home or at the workplace.

Car Rental: Not every individual can afford to have a spare automobile. No worries! The shop that offers concierge services will also arrange another vehicle to rent to be used until the damaged automobile is fit to be on the road again. Finding an opportunity to use a car as and when needed is a Godsend. The garage/body shop will not dictate how the rented car must be used either.

Cleaning & Detailing: The entire vehicle must be cleaned inside out after repairs. Concierge service for dent repair covers all essentials that improve the car's appearance. The vehicle can be used immediately as there is no need to drive it through a separate car wash.

It is cost-effective to request paintless vehicle dent repair in Fort Worth and McKinney, TX when the dents are too small to affect the functionality seriously. Moreover, opting for a PDR is sure to restore the factory finish making it easier for the auto owner to get a good ROI. 

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