Anodized aluminum sheet cut to size

Posted by xuanxuan geng on August 8th, 2022

Anodized 4 x 8 aluminum sheet cut to a certain size can be seen everywhere in our lives, and have practical applications in construction, home improvement, electronic appliances and other fields. The anodized aluminum plate is one of the outstanding representatives, and the anodized aluminum plate is deeply loved by the masses because of some unique properties. The scope of application is also extremely wide.
What are the processing steps after the anodized aluminum sheet is cut to a certain size?
Mechanical polishing - degreasing - washing - chemical polishing - washing - anodizing - washing - sealing - mechanical brightening.
Chemical polishing products: Alkaline polishing liquid for aluminum
Anodizing Products: Aluminum Anodizing Solution
Finished product: Aluminum coil coloring anodizing and dyeing process.
Precautions when anodized aluminum plate is cut to the specified size for anodizing:
1. After the aluminum coil is cleaned and oiled, it should be oxidized immediately and should not be left for too long. When aluminum parts are made of oxide film, they should be fully immersed in the electrolyte, and the tank voltage should be stable and consistent from beginning to end. Products from the same batch must be exactly the same, even when dyed.
2. In the process of anodizing, aluminum, copper, iron, etc. Additives are constantly added to the electrolyte, which affects the gloss of the anodized aluminum sheet. When the aluminum content is greater than 24 g/L, the copper content is greater than 0.02 g/L, and the iron content is greater than 2.5 g/L, the electrolyte should be replaced.
3. When purchasing raw materials and dyes, products with high purity should be selected, because the dyeing effect is not good when there are a little more impurities or mixed with Yuanming powder and dextrin.
4. In many cases of dyeing, the dye solution is relatively thick at first, and then fades, and the dyed color will show different shades. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the deployment of a slightly concentrated dye solution in time to maintain the consistency of the dye solution concentration as much as possible.
5. When dyeing multiple colors, the light color should be dyed first and then the dark color, in the order of yellow, red, blue, brown, and black. Before dyeing the second color, let the spray paint dry so that the paint fits snugly against the surface of the anodized aluminum sheet cut to size, otherwise the dye will soak in and the hair will be poorly defined.

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